Bug Report OBS Crashes on iSight camera open macOS 10.15 Catalina

Interestingly the crash log specifies Thread #1 as the source of the crash, specifically:

3   com.apple.TCC                     0x00007fff650bb219 __CRASHING_DUE_TO_PRIVACY_VIOLATION__ + 163

This is a long shot, with Catalina still in Beta and such, but maybe add OBS to the list of apps that are allowed to access the webcam (if such a thing exists in Catalina).

As neither OBS nor QT is ready for Catalina, I wouldn't be surprised if OBS just connects to the webcam without checking for permissions first.


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Latest OBS fully works on latest Catalina 10.15 Beta (19A546d) [video capture on integrated camera, audio output capture, integrated mic capture, etc..] if you start it from the command line:

On terminal, just run:

You will be asked to give Camera and Mic permissions after starting (the first time only), no crashes while configuring camera, and no crashes at all. Fully working.


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After following your instructions, I am able to run OBS but only through terminal. now when I boot it normally through the app icon, it instantly crashes. doesn't even launch all the way.


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I can run through OBS through Terminal, however: Terminal OBS can capture the built-in FaceTime Cam and can capture the Built-In Microphone and Desktop Audio using the iShowU method that's posted on here. However, it can't broadcast the visuals of your Desktop or Windows.
When I run OBS normally, the opposite true, I get visuals with no audio or FaceCam. I'm a bit bummed that I wasted my Friday afternoon trying to figure this all out. At least the idea of streaming got me to excited.

EDIT: I got this to work! Underneath all my windows, there was the message asking permission to use the camera I think so that it could show the screen. :)
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I had similar problems but now works through Terminal. BUT when I try to add the "Window capture" I don't find for example my Safari or Power Point windows from the Window list. Only OBS and Windows desktop are on the list. Any solution? Thanks

EDIT: Found solution. On the "Security and Privacy" settings add the "Terminal" to the "Full disk access"
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I was able to get OBS to ask for permission to use the camera when I started from Terminal, but now it won't start by just trying to open the app. I have tried everything listed above and reinstalled OBS. Any ideas?


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Is there a reason, in Catalina, that OBS only opens correctly through the Terminal? Is there a fix?

I bookmarked this page so I know the command to open it, but it seems like such an inconvenient method to opening a normal software program.

Just like other users, I can open it through the app button, but it crashes when I choose to use my webcam and doesn't pick up audio.