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So I have various cameras, and I want them to switch (e.g. cam1 at 10am, cam2 at 12am etc). Can I do this via existing plugin OR I must code something myself? Thanks for help.


Well, you are scheduling camera devices to be on/off at various times. This is something you are going to have to program yourself.
At the top of my head, I would crank out a quick and dirty VB Windows application
It would be a form application that has a DataGrid on it showing the following:

Start Time, End Time, Camera Name, Hotkey, Status

11:00AM, 12:00PM, Sony Alpha 6000, F5, On
12:00PM, 6:00PM, Canon EOS Rebel T7, F6, Off

This application would run in its own timer loop and have start/stop buttons on the form.
The timer would trigger every 1 minute go into a timer event callback
In the callback, you would parse each row in the grid for start and stop times turning on/off the cameras

You will need to interface with OBS to get at the scene and camera source show/hide state
Easiest way is to send hotkey sequences that you setup in the OBS hotkey config and which relate to the Hotkey for the camera

Something along those lines...


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The Advanced Switcher plugin can approximate this without custom coding-- it can be set to cycle through scenes at set intervals-- not at precise times, though.