1. N

    I have a Blackmagic ATEM SDI PRO ISO, can I get it to work with macros?

    Hi I have a Blackmagic ATEM SDI PRO ISO with 4 switches on it, when OBS reads it it reads it as one input, is there a way to make it that I can use a macro to switch? or is there a way to make it when I switch on the blackmagic that it changes scenes or has other things pop up? basically one is...
  2. J

    Old Frame Flashing Up After Scene Transition

    Hi all! I have an issue that I can’t work out - when switching from scene A to B, once B is live and on screen I get a 0.5-1 second flash of scene A. anyone any ideas? thanks in advance!
  3. zamboknee

    Movie for show intro with tailing audio

    So I have a video intro I produced that has visuals with audio. The visuals end and the audio continues (music bed). I’d like to fire this video to start the show and then when the visuals in this video ends, cut to the live webcam of me talking while the music bed is still playing . How do I do...
  4. draskown

    Setting source on the scene visible depending from the scene I'm switching from

    Example: I have Scene 1, Scene 2 and Default Scene. In Default Scene I have two sources: Image 1 and Image 2. If I'm switching from Scene 1 to Default Scene 1 want to display Image 1 and when I'm switching from Scene 2 I want to display Image 2. So my question here is: does anyone know any...
  5. P

    Question / Help I have problems with switching scenes

    I have a lot of browsers in my scene and I also put on every scene refreshing that browser and the same option for my 3 scene. I want on live stream when I am on my first scene and I want to switch to my second scene the problems is that the browser is loading and for a user not look good for...
  6. timleg002

    Question / Help How do I make this in OBS? (read post)

    So I have various cameras, and I want them to switch (e.g. cam1 at 10am, cam2 at 12am etc). Can I do this via existing plugin OR I must code something myself? Thanks for help.
  7. R

    Bug Report Created two profiles and OBS exits quietly when switching between them

    No error msgs. Just closes. And when I open OBS, it comes up on the on I need, so that's good.