Question / Help Recording w/out Cam & streaming With.. at same time????


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Hi my name is Pall.

I want to be able to stream with my camera and record without so i can communicate with any audience and then upload a Edited video.
If someone can help me with this i'd be very thankful!

Thank you in advance.


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Not practically possible with OBS in a single PC configuration.

You can run a 2nd instance of OBS, install the OBS NDI plugin on both, and add a Dedicated NDI output filter to a scene; this will send a version of that scene out onto your local network, where the other machine can pick it up.

So that way you can have a scene without your cam, and a scene with it, and stream one, while the other is sent to another machine for recording (or vice versa).™-integration-into-obs-studio.528/