Question / Help How to connect gopro hero 8 to obs


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While watching this video on youtube, i noticed that he figured out how to directly stream his Hero 8 to obs without any cords. He said that he would split the video into 2 parts, but the second part has not been released yet and I need to figure out how he did this as soon as possible. If anybody knows, that would be great! By the way, the Hero 8 connects via a RTMP server, which is fine if connecting to Youtube or twitch, but I'd like to have it go through obs.


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You have options:
1) use nginx-rtmp
2) or use Windows app from
//it's simple for use RTMP server. It converts incoming RTMP feed to "virtual camera"


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Salve a tutti, mi trovo nella stessa situazione di dover collegare la gopro hero 8 black a obs, ho installato gopro2obs, eseguito tutto il procedimento per arrivare a avere il segnale video della gopro su obs ma una volta trovata la fonte su obs mi viene fuori nessun segnale .... consigli su come agire ??


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While watching this video on youtube....

Yeah I know, it's a serious drag. He never recorded the other half of the video. GRRRRRR. It's seriously annoying.

Yes, you can get the media mod which will output a clean HDMI signal.

However the problem then is getting that signal into OBS. The question is how ?

I've got a gopro8 that's outputting hdmi via the mediamod and then inputting to my 2019 16in MacBook pro. My question is how do I get OBS to see the stream....????


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Hi guys, I was able to setup the GoPro Hero 8 with wifi on my Mac by following this video. Pretty easy, although now I have no clue how to be connected on internet at the same time as my Mac is already connected to the GoPro.
My goal is to be able to stream from OBS to YouTube Studio. Anyone has an idea? Thanks


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Hey guys - so have you managed to get the GoPro video stream in OBS?
From what I can see, the guide posted here: directs you to buy an the Camera Suite app for 9euros. I'm happy to pay that if it takes care of the problem but has anyone actually made it work?

Pretty easy, although now I have no clue how to be connected on internet at the same time as my Mac is already connected to the GoPro.
Also this - how do you overcome this?


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There is only one way to get the GoPro 8 to talk to OBS, and that's with a capture card. The rest is pretty simple.

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How do you feel about the application gopro2obs?
Has anyone investigated how it works and can you trust him?
What are the alternatives? (Preferably open source)
Following this discussion closely, as I imagine many are. I still have a Hero 5 Session, which I know will never connect for streaming, so I recently bought a Hero 8 Black and was very disappointed to see I couldn't use it for OBS without further upgrade (media mod) or jumping through many software hoops. RTMP support by GoPro is OK, but you are still down to only one camera, and can't combine it with any other content (cameras, better audio, graphics, etc.)

The relatively new gopro2obs won't help me (Win only). Even if I was on Win, I would be cautious about downloading. The web site is coming up as nonsecure. How do we know where our video might be going using this tool?

I may try the CameraSuite option for Mac, but here again why all these hoops? Why tie up your WIFI for this? There has to be a better solution.

Hey GoPro - if you're listening, why don't you just buy out some of these developers and offer a cross platform tool free to existing customers? Especially now when everyone is trying to stream?