1. R

    OBS for recording a livestream using GoPro 9 and GoPro 10 on Mac

    Hello everybody. I'm planning on doing recordings for further publication on Youtube for a room with a dj and crowd, using a GoPro 9 and 10 connected through cable with a Mac which I'm not sure yet what specs. -Is it any M1 16gb good enough for the job? What Mac would you recommend? -Do i need...
  2. N

    gopro 10 as webcam - problem with virtual camera

    GoPro 10 with latest firmware OBS Version: 29.0.2 OS: Linux Mint 20.3 Cinnamon Linux Kernel: 5.4.0-139-generic Processor: Intel© Core™ i7-7700HQ CPU @ 2.80GHz × 4 Memory: 32gb Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Video Driver: latest nvidia-driver-525 GoPro 10 is working perfect as a webcam. No...
  3. L

    Multiple wireless gopro with OBS

    Hi everyone, I'm a bit lost. Does anyone know how multiple gopro can be connected wirelessly and using the mobile network, to obs? It is for outdoor streaming. Thanks!
  4. dev47

    DroidCam OBS Camera 2.3.2

    The DroidCam OBS plugin lets you connect your phone and get high quality audio & video directly into OBS Studio, just like a regular camera source. No need for a separate client, less software = more resources for your production! Connect as many devices as you want, using WiFi or USB*. Free...
  5. ilwoody

    GoPro Hero7 Black low quality on OBS

    Hello guys, I really need the help of you genius! In my setup I'm using my GoPro Hero7 Black for recording (I don't do streaming). Although I set up some good lighting, the image flickers a lot as it was a low quality cam, nothing compared to the GoPro quality. See video of what I'm talking...
  6. C

    GoPro to OBS Remotely

    I was able to connect my GoPro to OBS via BlueTooth to my Mac. I was able to move freely on the stage to capture the church band performing live while live streaming: 1. Downloaded GoPro app to my iPad (It has to be on the IOS). iPad is used as a capture card 2. Connected GoPro Camera to iPad...
  7. X

    Question / Help OBS Preview 3-5 second delay

    PC Specifications: OS - Windows 10 Pro (64 bit) CPU - Intel i7-3770 @ 3.40GHz Motherboard - Gigabyte Z77X-UD5H RAM - 16.00 GB DDR3 GPU - NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB DESIRED APPLICATION: I had recently purchased the Hauppauge Colossus 2 capture card for my PC. I was looking to use my GoPro...
  8. B

    Question / Help How to connect gopro hero 8 to obs

    While watching this video on youtube, i noticed that he figured out how to directly stream his Hero 8 to obs without any cords. He said that he would split the video into 2 parts, but the second part has not been released yet and I need to figure out how he did this as soon as possible. If...
  9. A

    Question / Help Looking for HDMI Capture Device for Canon DSLR / GoPro

    I am looking for some way to get a good strong feed from a Canon 77d (I know it doesn't have a clean HDMI output, but its what I got; I'm willing to take the crop) and a GoPro Hero 6 Black. I recently drove an hour to a Best Buy to pick up an Elgato HD60S only to get home with it and realize...
  10. J

    Question / Help Go Pro Hero 6 non wanted filter

    Hello! I am on Ubuntu Studio 16.04, and I can access the camera, however the image appears as if there were a filter, very distorted, this problem does not happen in windows or mac, I'm using: AGPtEK Capture device GoPro Hero 6 Camera any idea why this might be? Many thanks in advance! Jorge.