2 sources, same camera


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Hi, I have a webcam that can do 4K resolution and I want to use the camera at 2K resolution for the fullscreen scene BUT I would like to use it at 1080p resolution in the other scenes, the problem is that if I try to add another source with the same camera so I can have one of them at 2K and the others at 1080p respectively, one of them doesn't work, and if I change the resolution of the camera source in one scene, all of the others change as well
Please I need some help, I really don't want to buy a second camera just for one scene


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Add the camera source a second time with the "add existing" option. This way the same camera source is available twice. Both share the same settings, so you need to set the camera to the larger resolution. If you need one of them at smaller size, just resize that source in the preview. If you need to add filters to one of them, but not to both, don't add the filters directly to the source. Instead create a group and put the camera source into the group. Then add the filters to the group to make them appear only for the source in the group.