Problem happening with OBS uncontrollably crashing, cameras, and plugins. Please help


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I've had a problem lasting for about 2 months, that originally started off with OBS/StreamElements crashing uncontrollably crashing during streams, and I couldn't get another one going. Luckily (I guess), at around that time I took a 2-month-long stream break for some very serious mental health stuff and didn't try to stream again, but i was able to record and set up new sources, and things like window captures and app audio captures (never with a facecam on from what I remember). But it's progressively gotten stranger since then - I suspect it's because it's something to do with my camera that I have connected to my computer, along with some other issues.

The main one is that without fail OBS will immediately stop functioning and i have to end the program task when I try to open the 'properties' window on my external USB camera TY-CC10.

I originally thought the only problem that was happening was with StreamElements, so I tried uninstalling it, but everytime I press to uninstall it just loads through about 1/7 of the bar and then the window closes. I thought that it had just loaded very quickly, and tried redownloading it again. I now might have 2 instances of it somehow working on my computer. (I wholly understand that this isn't a forum for StreamElements but I couldn't find an easily accessible forum for it for problems pertaining to this). StreamElements/OBS also doesn't seem to remember things like the connection to my Twitch account and keeps disconnecting when I close. I cannot seem to get StreamElements off my computer to even do a fresh reinstall of the just it. I even tried reinstalling the whole of OBS and it just kept acting the same way. There doesn't seem to be a dedicated anything for me to manage it just using OBS and not through the StreamElements Uninstall application.

My best assumption that it might be because my USB-connected webcam camera is very old. It might have drivers that are incompatible (although I don't know why that would make the properties window close), and some very strange problems with StreamElements/plugins working in tandem, or some very strange thing to do with updates and computer/software compatibility.

I am very welcome to help with any extra information regarding my computer, and I apologise for anything I shouldn't have missed in this as I have some memory issues and I've never posted to forums before.

I have logs attached of the most recent times I've tried to use it, but they aren't the dedicated crash logs because it doesn't even go through the crash process, the window gets opened and the whole OBS app just completely stops.


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