1. JusJayD

    Separating Music from vod on YouTube

    Does anyone know if there is a way to separate the music playing during a YouTube stream so that in the vod, it doesn't not show/play? I was hoping it was the same way or similar to how most do it with Twitch.
  2. A

    Cannot separate audio tracks on Streaming PC

    Good afternoon! I had purchased a GoXLR mini and had it setup up for my dual PC streaming. The setup is: LINE IN of GoXLR into LINE OUT of gaming PC. Then, Line OUT of GoXLR into LINE IN of my streaming PC. So, everything is set up correctly, according to the instructions and the dozens of...
  3. S

    How to record separate clean video sources while streaming (without the plugin "Source Record")?

    Hey all, I'm getting desperate here. I create youtube videos and want to combine this process with my Twitch stream. So far, I've recorded my videos without streaming and I had my recording resolution set to 3840x1080px with my camera on the left side and my gameplay on the right. This way, I...
  4. M

    How to stream audio and video to separate destinations?

    Hey all, We can stream the audio and video feeds from a laptop separately using basic WebAudio and Video APIs in a web page. Can we do this in OBS? We want to process the audio and video on the receiving end separately.
  5. TheManInTheHat

    Separate Audio Files.

    I would be very helpful for ALOT, of YouTubers for example or other video uploading platforms when your mic or other sounds ( That you selected ) Will create a 2nd file, The audio ( The selected Separate Audio File ) will save in another file, for example, an MP3 or something else and the video...