1. StagMaster15

    Some help with Footage Artifacting/Tearing while Recording

    So I've been playing around with OBS after getting a new computer that handle it well. It served its purpose pretty well up until this point, which is why I'm making this thread. Currently I've been testing differing setups for speedrunning and whilst trying it out with capturing my PS3, my...
  2. F

    Wish to use CPU encoder for recording.

    Hi, I stream on Twitch and record videos for Youtube and want to optimise my settings for the best recording quality (I don't really care about the size of the file that much I have lots of storage). I mostly would record in 1080 (downscaled from my 4k monitor) but may occasionally record in 4k...
  3. Q

    help to fix bad 1080p60 Quality

    I just posted a video which is in 1080p but it doesn't look very good any reasons why? am i doing something wrong? the pictures means my recording quality and a picture of the quality in my video.
  4. T

    Recording video settings wont go past 720p or 30FPS

    Hi, so im fairly new to this. Im trying to record with my output resolution at 1080p but it caps at 720p and then my common FPS values drop down only goes up to 30fps, everything below that it wont let me select it. Im just trying to change my output settings to 1080p at 60fps. 19:37:20.226...
  5. N

    Videos constantly at a low quality no matter what settings I use

    Title pretty much sums it up. My recordings always come out looking bad even if I record at a higher resolution or bitrate. Comparison of screenshot from gameplay (open in new tab and click once to see it at proper quality) vs screenshot of my recording...
  6. dokicats

    OBS recording cuts out?

    I have tried to record my desktop for my project and it said that I was recording for more than one hour. After I stopped recording, the actual footage was less than 30 minutes long. I've been having this problem ever since the update. Is this a bug, or is there a way to fix it? Sorry for my...
  7. TheLivingRequiem

    Streamlabs OBS Audio recording issue, can't find the solution anywhere.

    I'm trying to use Streamlabs OBS to record gameplay videos. I have everthing set up, including RTX Voice. My SLOBS is set up was well, with one channel dedicated to the Desktop Audio, and another dedicated to my RTX Voice microphone. The mixer shows them both, and shows that it is picking up my...
  8. T

    Which bitrate settings for AMD RX 5600XT

    Hello, When I try to record my COD Cold War gameplay I always get choppy recordings. Currently I run an AMD RX 5600 XT with an Ryzen 5 3600 and 16gb 3200mhz ram. Does anyone know the best bitrate setting for 1080p60 for recording games? Let me know Here's 1 example...
  9. H

    OBS Playback help

    Hi Guys, This is my first post. I am currently trying to get OBS software to work with a church mixer. Currently we have a win10 pc hooked up to a Mackie FX Pro 22 v2 board. I am not a sound person so I dont know much about the sound board at all. Currently I got the program to record but when...
  10. S

    Can you record a 1080p(1920x1080) video if you have a 1366x768 resolution monitor?

    Can you record a 1080p(1920x1080) video if you have a 1366x768 resolution monitor? If it is possible, how? Sorry if this is a dumb question XD Im just a begginer in using OBS Studio
  11. P

    Micro-stuttering on the recording (got everything properly configured)

    CPU: AMD FX 8350 8 cores 4.00 GHz GPU: Sapphire RX 590 8 GB VRAM I downloaded OBS just to record gameplays and I did my research on which configuration was the best for me. I recorded a few of them with this settings: Encoder: Hardware (AMD) - [x264 made my game lag with 25% OBS CPU usage]...
  12. N

    Audio Issues Where None Before - Update Related?

    Here are a few log files for reference. Windows, OBS, and NVIDIA have all updated in the past two or three weeks...
  13. A

    Setting Recommendations GL75 9SD Recording for Minecraft atleast 60 FPS

    Hello everyone. I am asking for setting recommendations. I have watched many videos and at first, I got 140 frames, and using the same settings, I get 20. But that is not the point. Please recommend me some settings, I have reset all of my last settings to start new. I just want to record...
  14. P

    Some desktop sounds going through to mic/aux

    I'm new to recording and I noticed this persistent issue where certain sounds that are loud enough, like some voice lines (particularly voices in cutscenes,) gunshots, or weapons hitting walls, will quietly pop up on the wrong track. I first noticed it in Cyberpunk2077 when there was an echo in...
  15. T

    Screen Resolution Not Fitting to OBS?

    I've recently tried to record/stream using OBS, and whenever there's always a bit of black space at the top and bottom of my screen. I've also recently got this new laptop and hooked it up to a 27-inch monitor. The native resolution of the monitor is 2560 × 1440, but when I set that as the base...
  16. S

    Choppy recording and streaming rtx 2060 super

    I have tried everything now and starting to think I am going barmy. I have tried game mode on and off I have updated Windows to latest I have turned preview off I have used just one monitor I have capped frames to 90 and put screen to 100hz in game and control panel I have turned max quality...
  17. T

    Recording on OBS between 30 fps and 60fps even with OBS saying its on 60fps?

    Hello, i'm with a really strange OBS problem, for some reason my OBS recordings are variating between 30fps and 60fps, on OBS says my recording are at 60 Fps but the preview are around 30fps, and most weird thing, is that this don't happens using nvidia shadowplay, for a reference look at this...
  18. Wiissoppii7

    Massive frame drops while recording.

    So recently I got a new computer and I used OBS pretty often on my last one, never had much of an issue with it. For some reason though, on my new computer, I get tremendous frame drops on certain games. The game's framerate is totally fine, it's just the recording. The strangest thing too, is...
  19. M

    Cannot play videos in PowerPoint when recording using OBS

    I am trying to record a presentation with me speaking over the top. So far this has been fine, I can see myself and my slides, and they move on the recording when I click through the slides by having the PowerPoint in 'browsed by an individual' slideshow mode. However, my presentation has...
  20. I

    New computer keeps crashing while using OBS

    Hey all! This may be wordier than necessary, but I want to give as much context as possible to help out those who try to help me. Earlier this year I bought a brand new PC from iBuyPower. I bought it with the sole intentions of streaming and recording on it. However, I could never record...