M1 MacBook Pro - Elgato HD60X - 2k HDR - 60FPS - Apple VT H264 Hardware Encoder?


It's a big title, but it tells you most of what you need to know. I'm looking to gather some information on the best method to use to record and stream (not simultaneously) using the MAcBook M1 - 2020 Base Model - 8Gb Ram. The Elgato HD60X claims to capture 2k at 60FPS. I don't know for sure the bit rate. I've been reading that for a resolution of 2560x2440 you should use anything between 9,000 and 18,000 kbps? I'm curious to know if using the Apple VT H264 is a better option to use because the power of the M1?

Those of you out there that are using Apple Vt Hardware Encoder - if you could shed some light on why you've chosen it over x264 - that would be great.
Also any other Elgato HD60X users out there that have found a good method for overcoming the poor colour/colors that HDR provides. I've managed to overcome this slightly, but plugging it into a PC (Booo ) and selecting tone mapping, and the using a LUT to bring the colours back up, but it's not 100% - thoughts?

I hope we can get some good information in here for anyone else looking to solve these issues, and help others stream/record at 2K HDR on their Macs.


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M1 framework development is still in the pre-works so a lot of the code is just copied from rosetta and edited to make compatibility for an ARM64 versionwise.

idk about the bitrate outgoings but for the people who are watching, figuring out how much they need to see your screen clearly is more important, which OBS preview options do not include. I'd say stick to your cards with recording bitrate, but streaming your resolution should still be clear even if you impose the lowest ceiling @ 6,000 kbps.

If you are trying out any ARM builds for OBS, then you have heard that Apple VTH has been improved with the feature of CBR and other related fixes. Unfortunately HDR toning characteristics are meaningless without the support for it, so if you just checked the "High Dynamic Range" box in Display Preferences, it won't do much for you incoming to streamers or outgoing to your monitor as of yet.

So if you are displaying HDR, then claim it be. You are a pioneer at the forefront of making it happen for the rest of us. Hardware encoders will always be superior to a system defaulted x264, so you can enjoy watching your fps stay consistent forever while CPU sits at a moderate level. x264 will choke you 20-50 minutes on any preset, trust me