1. T

    lines on screen (stuttering?)

    I'm really new to OBS, but I've spent hours trying to figure out what's going on and I've followed all the steps I can find. I'll post all the specs I can think of. Video of it happening. My OBS log, computer specs, and capture card specs are attached. The only issue I know for sure is that...
  2. V

    Recording from PS5 120fps is flickering in OBS

    Hi, when opening Fortnite in 120fps mode on PS5 the recording in OBS is flickering, it's working normally when playing in 60fps mode... Is there a way I can fix this, and to play with 120fps? Log file: Thanks, Valentin
  3. M

    No Game Sound

    I stream from my ps5 through a capture card to my laptop and everything works great except have no game sound. I have tried changing a bunch of settings with no luck. Anyone else having this issue or that knows how to fix it?
  4. I

    Audio issues?

    Long time ago (few months) I played spiderman via HD60x and my ps5. Had very little issues if any at all. Could hear the ps5 audio by simply connecting my headphones to my pc. Not sure what the settings were it just sort of worked. didn't need anything external it just worked. was able to make...
  5. D


    Hallo, ich brauche bitte eure Hilfe. Ich werde baldmöglichst mit dem Streamen beginnen. Ich verwende die PlayStation5, Elgato HD60X und einen Macbook Pro. Als Plattform verwende ich OBS. Nun habe ich folgendes Problem. Ich habs alles angeschlossen, von der PS5 in das Elgato von das in mein...
  6. D

    Mk.2 local recording stutter, OBS, HDR/SDR

    Okay. I have: 4k60 Mk.2 (correct pci-e configuration, verified running at 2x4) 9900k 2080s PS5/HDR TV/brand new 18gbps hdmi cables Non-HDR monitor The problem: Small intermittent stutters in recording, feels like encoder lag Color space settings had no impact on this issue encoder settings...
  7. N

    Sound not coming out from speaker when using OBS to play PS5

    Hello, I'm using OBS so I can use my PC monitor while I'm playing my PS5. The problem is I cannot hear any sound from my speaker. This wasn't a problem this morning, but I think something changed after I ran KpRm software. One of its tasks is to reset all settings back to the original. I had...
  8. mad0kill3

    OBS for Mac 30.0.0 doesn't work

    Hello, I just downloaded OBS Studio 30.0.0 to play with my PS5 on my MacBook Air 2020. My configuration is: 1.1 GHz Intel Core i3 dual core; Intel Iris Plus Graphics 1536 MB; 8 GB 3733 MHz; MacOS Sonoma version 14.1.1. When I try to open OBS, this error message appears: Unable to open the "OBS"...
  9. C

    Capture card HDR view in OBS differs from ps5 gameplay

    Hi, I have a dual monitor setup. One displaying PS5 gameplay, one displaying windows with OBS. When HDR is activated i have to adjust brightness in PS5 by adjusting a black symbol on a white background, a white symbol on a black background and a gray symbol on a black background until just...
  10. R

    Gameplay audio pop in and out on MW3 when I shoot my gun. See my video above. It happens during stream when I shoot my guns, I've also noticed it when in a party chat (PS5) and streaming, my friends voice cuts out immediately whenever they talk, but the main issue is the...
  11. A

    Video Capture Device from a PS5 shaking only in one scene collection

    Hey there! I need your help, please, to figure out why my "Video Capture Device" on a "Playstation 5" is acting all funky. It's glitchy, and the audio sounds weird sometimes, but this only happens in a "scene collection" I usually use for my events (it's configured with a bunch of elements)...
  12. R

    Screen Tearing Issues

    I tried streaming from my PS5 to my PC monitor via a capture card and I noticed on the VOD that there was really bad screen tearing. I didn't see any screen tearing while I was playing at all and it didn't look like it showed up on OBS as well, but it definitely showed when I was rewatching the...
  13. T

    Audio popping issue not sure how to fix this

    For some reason I’m ocasionally getting cracking/popping coming from OBS. I noticed this today when using my PS5 during a stream. The PS5 audio is fine but as soon as I open up OBS I start hearing a popping noise.
  14. Mcwalters

    Screenshot of the ps5

    Hello, I bought a usb key with an HDMI plug to capture the screen of my ps5 but the problem is when I try to play so from my pc to the ps5 so the input lag is really visible and it's unplayable so do you have any tips to remove the input lag?
  15. B

    Issue with OBS freezing while trying to record footage from a capture card (PS5)

    When I attempt to record footage from a capture card sometimes the image will freeze and the only way to fix it (temporarily) is to unplug and replug in the capture card. However that fix will only work for a short time. Occasionally I can record for 10-15 minutes (didn't try longer honestly...
  16. C

    Can Preview display >30fps?

    I use an Elgato HD60 Pro to play console games in a window on my PC. I don't use the card or OBS studio for streaming or anything else like that. I got a PS5 yesterday and realized that it should be able to display 40-60fps but I can't seem to get the OBS Preview mode to display anything higher...
  17. K

    PS5 Lags On Monitor

    I’ve noticed that PS5 exclusives (Ratchet & Clank, Forspoken, etc) lag on my monitor. I’m using an M1 Pro MacBook, the HD60X, and my 43” LG tv (4K 60hz LCD display) as a monitor. The games display fine on my MacBook and on a stream but the fps tanks on the tv. I’ve only noticed this with ps5...
  18. EnzoCast

    M1 MacBook Pro - Elgato HD60X - 2k HDR - 60FPS - Apple VT H264 Hardware Encoder?

    It's a big title, but it tells you most of what you need to know. I'm looking to gather some information on the best method to use to record and stream (not simultaneously) using the MAcBook M1 - 2020 Base Model - 8Gb Ram. The Elgato HD60X claims to capture 2k at 60FPS. I don't know for sure the...
  19. I

    Problem with Elgato Facecam & Elgato HD60 S+

    Hello everyone, i'm Michele and nice to meet you. I need help with this problem and i hope someone will help me. I use HD 60 S+ to acquire PS5 video and Elgato Facecam but OBS Studio (27.2.4 64-bit, windows) prevents me from activating both video sources at the same time. When i activate the...
  20. LPDarkSoulsHD

    Recommended settings for better quality?

    Good evening, all. Can anyone help recommend the best setting for my setup to achieve higher quality recordings? My capture preview seems to drop frames and stutter in the preview window and these things end up in the recordings as well. I've spent many, many hours watching YouTube videos and...