Can Preview display >30fps?


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I use an Elgato HD60 Pro to play console games in a window on my PC. I don't use the card or OBS studio for streaming or anything else like that.
I got a PS5 yesterday and realized that it should be able to display 40-60fps but I can't seem to get the OBS Preview mode to display anything higher than 30fps.
I have set the `Resolution/FPS Type` to Custom, Resolution to 1920x1080, and FPS to 60.
The game I'm playing at the moment is Horizon Forbidden West. In its settings menu I have set Graphics Mode to Favor Performance.
But, at the bottom right of the OBS window, I never see anything higher than 30fps.
Am I missing something?


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Make sure you've configured OBS for a higher FPS as well in settings / video. OBS may be a bit overkill for your needs, a media player that can handle capture input like MPV or VLC might be better.