1. F

    OBS Can't Stop Recording

    I've been recording gameplay for years on my computer and never had this issue arise. A few weeks ago, all of a sudden, I could not open Minecraft and OBS at the same time - It would immediately cause minecraft to crash (I have OBS set to record Minecraft as a game output, IDK if this affects...
  2. BinaryBunny

    Are these values good? Or do I need to change something?

    So after upgrading from a 3700x to a 5950X I realized that I couldn't record using the same settings because it would lag like crazy. So after updating my bios, OS to W11, chipset drivers and a whole lot of other things I managed to get to the point where it felt alright to record and play a...

    Screen recording (no streaming) Video randomly freezes

    I've been using OBS to record youtube tutorials. I don't use any streaming, just for local recording. Consistently I've been experiencing that the videos will have spots about every 2-3 minutes where the video will freeze, audio continues, for 5-10 seconds and then resume. I've checked the...
  4. U

    How well could my PC record and game?

    Hey, I am wanting to record my gameplay in obs, just wondering how well I could run obs, and games, potentially even discord. Specs: CPU: Intel Core I5-6500 GPU: GeForce GTX 1070Ti RAM: Two 8 gb sticks 2400 mhz Games I might play: Minecraft, Need For Speed, Need For Speed Heat, GTA 5 and more.
  5. rhniam

    Is it possible to record in ms teams while doing something else?

    Is there any solution for recording ms teams course while reading pdf files or open chrome?
  6. KeeWee

    Stuck on "Stopping Recording. . ."

    I've been using OBS for quite some time now and I havent had this issue before, but a few weeks ago suddenly OBS just wouldnt stop recording when I press the stop button?? Edit: I just found out I have to post the log file, but I'm in the process of re-installing OBS to see if maybe that'll...
  7. Zeionn

    Streaming/Recording in 1440p vs downscaling to 1080p?

    Hello OBS Community! I've been streaming using OBS for a few years now but am struggling to find a balance for what my computer can handle with streaming and recording at the same time. I have a 3060ti FE plus AMD Ryzen 5600X and stream on YouTube at 1080p currently. I've had some issues pop...
  8. D

    help please

    I apologize in advance for any formatting issues, new poster. So whenever i record the screen is blueish green? like it has a hue tint over the video. I don't know if its my recording settings or something else entirely. picture of what i mean Log:
  9. B

    Recording Dropping Frames on Game That Worked before.

    About a month ago, I used OBS to record a game for 2 hours. It worked fine, aside from some quality drops here and there. To fix the quality drops, I changed a few settings (I don't remember exactly which). Since then, even changing the settings I can remember back, and optimizing things (e.g...
  10. G

    OBS and Discord

    I use obs primarily for just recording and whenever I record just gameplay along with my voice the footage comes out normal. however, when I stream the game I am playing on discord to my friends while recording it to capture their commentary, it seems to mess up the encoding and stays on...
  11. F

    Yellow tint on recordings

    Hi, So I am using a dual PC setup to record 2160p60 using my Elgato 4K60 Pro MK.2 and whenever I finish the recording and preview it in VLC it looks yellowed. I have used DaVinci Resolve's preview as well just to make sure it wasn't VLC and it showed the same result. I am not sure if I am...
  12. A

    Frame skipping in OBS Recordings (AMD build)

    When recording, I do not have any issues.. but playback shows frame skips or momentary freezing. An example can be seen at this YouTube link: Does anyone have an idea of whats causing this in ALL my footage? I have even tried recording way less demanding games from...
  13. TipUHerMe

    Choppy OBS Recordings No Matter What

    For the life of me I can not get fully smooth recordings. I will say that its not the whole videos that be choppy, only parts but still, I have no idea what's causing this. As you can see (from MSI Afterburner & log file) nothing is being maxed out on my pc. As I said before, the whole video...
  14. Loopkill2

    Big Trouble While Recording.

    Hey everyone im trying to make obs work like it used to i have no idea what has changed but now it is not letting me record anything at all without it encoding lag left and right and im really getting fed up with it i enjoy recording but i cant do it without my videos looks choppy now Specs...
  15. Loopkill2

    Help With Obs Settings

    Hey everyone im trying to make obs work like it used to i have no idea what has changed but now it is not letting me record anything at all without it encoding lag left and right and im really getting fed up with it i enjoy recording but i cant do it without my videos looks choppy now Specs...
  16. E

    Encoder randomly getting overloaded while recording when it usually runs fine

    I've been using OBS to record my videos for 18 months, and I've had the same settings the whole time. I've been able to record almost any game without any sort of lag, up until 12.18.2021. I didn't change any settings, yet I'm now getting the "Encoding overloaded" warning message every time I...
  17. andrews54757

    Hardware Encoder on M1 Pro Overloads Horrifically

    The hardware encoder on M1 Pro using OBS 27.1.3 is not performing well. Recording using the base resolution of the screen (3024x1964), the hardware encoder will overload just by drag-shaking the OBS window rapidly with nothing else running at the same time. There are many dropped frames in the...
  18. S

    separate audio tracks problem: only track 1 is being recorded

    Hello everyone, My friend and I watched this video, downloaded the win capture audio plugin and copied the exact settings to our obs. We both wanted to have three separate audio tracks: discord, game and mic. Then we both recorded a short video to test it. And it...
  19. Tobsa

    OBS Python Recording Notification 1.0 beta

    How it works: When the 'Start recording' button is pressed a popup window appears on top of the screen showing you that OBS is recording, you can left-click and drag the window to position it. This script was made using Python and tkinter library. Installation: Download the...
  20. J

    Recordings stutter/lag

    Hello, I'm having some stuttering issues when recording Halo Infinite, but I've also noticed the issue with Genshin Impact. It only appears on recordings -- I have no problems in OBS Studio or in-game. Every few seconds I see what appears like dropped frames, the recording "pauses" like it's...