1. B

    Video recordings coming out with a black screen

    I have recently downloaded OBS to record all my videos, I have rn into a problem as I set up the screen to record the video by using game capture and a single scene, the captured area looks perfect on the obs preview but after recording the videos they all come out as black screens with just...
  2. dylarm

    OBS Python Recording Indicator v0.0.2b

    After specifying a source (image, text, anything), that source will then be toggled visible or invisible when recording has started or stopped. Currently, the source must be manually added/placed in each scene you want it in, and this script will toggle the visibility of that source in all...
  3. G

    recording quality is very bad. Pixelation while movement

    Hello. If you don't understand something just ask. I am not speaking english that much. I like in title. My video quality is veery bad even with good settings(i guess). I tested out CBR, CQP (10-20) and put simple settings and tried everything out. Still looks like... I'am playing on 1280x720...
  4. L

    Need the best bitrate for my PC, 60 FPS 1080p quality.

    So basically I got an AMD Ryzen 3400g overclock, vega 11. And my video quality is a bit blurry, I use it for recording and I wanna upload video's on YouTube. I made a screenshot of my output. My questions were if I should change something, and if I should change my bitrate to something else...
  5. V

    OBS Recording Stutter during playback

    So I've been searching through the forums on the problem I've been having. I recently bought a new computer (specs below) which I think should be more then capable of recording 1080p60. I've tried with windows game mode, dvr and recording disabled and enabled, I've tried with all different types...
  6. C

    Screen tearing in recording (but not while playing)

    Hello all, I have started recording Return of the Obra Dinn for a let's play. I used the same settings as for my previous recording for which I had no issues. I saw no problem on the screen while playing. However when I started editing the video, there was a clear tearing whenever I was moving...
  7. C

    OBS Failed to start recording

    Hi I'm trying to record on OBS. I've used it successfully before many times but lately, when I hit record I'm getting the following message: I'm using the H264/AVC Encoder (AMD Advanced Media Framework). The research I've done tells me to change the Encoder to x264 and just use the CPU...
  8. O

    Streamlabs obs not exporting recordings

    Whenever I record anything with stream labs obs it runs smoothly but I have one problem. My recordings go to my captures folder but there are no videos inside the folder. Here's a gif showing what's happening, Recently I did change my regular...
  9. K

    OBS Camera Recording Quality

    Hi, I'm trying to record fitness videos using my iPhone and OBS camera, the quality and lag are a huge issue. Has anybody got the recommended settings? I'm using: iPhone 12 Pro - 4k 24FPS - connected via USB C to Thunderbolt port Rode Wireless Go MacBook Pro (13-inch, 2017, Two Thunderbolt 3...
  10. Trainmaster642

    OBS not recording NVIDIA control panel settings

    My game is kinda blurry so i use the NVIDIA control panel to sharpen the image and make it clearer, however OBS isn't recording my game with the control panel settings making it look low quality. is there a way i can fix this? Thanks in advance.
  11. N

    Using Samsung S10e as a 4K webcam?

    Is this possible to do? id like to get past the 1080p mark since my phone can record at 4k. How do I do this? all the tutorials I see only go to 1080p...
  12. M

    What is the best recording settings to record?

    Ok here are my specs: I5-7200U 8gb ram Hd graphics 620
  13. D

    Is there a plugin for advanced transport control?

    Good day everybody! When I press pause while recording nothing happens and I can't see whether I am still recording or not (turns out it is still recording). Is there a plugin for better (or advanced) transport control? Thank you very much for your suggestions!
  14. M

    OBS won't stop recording

    I pressed Stop Recording, turned to stopping recording, and it doesn't stop, I press it again to force stop, and still doesn't. My PC used to handle this with no problem before, even though it's a large file. It has been 'Stopping Recording' for an hour now. I was recording in mp4, so...
  15. T

    Camera crashes (and turns pixely grey) during Zoom Webinar

    Hi All, I'm unable to find any info on this specific issue so hopefully someone knows what's happening here. We were a good hour into a webinar hosted on Zoom and suddenly the OBS feed "crashed". The OBS screen became a pixelated grey (screenshot of how it looked on the recording is attached...
  16. R

    How can I record my whole canvas for a speed painting video?

    I want to use obs for recording a speedpaint, but zooming in and out and moving around makes it harder to follow. I want to work/draw zooming and moving, but I want the result to be the canvas that shows the progress, much like a not moving white canvas where the artwork appears throughout the...
  17. Nwoob

    Frozen frames,but clear audio, while recording valorant in 1080p60

    The recording works fine for the first few minutes, but all the frames are frozen and not moving after the 4 minute mark, and I can only hear the audio, log file is attached, I really don't know what went wrong, I think my configuration is very much capable on recording this, thanks in advance.
  18. J

    Terrible Recording Quality/Replay Buffer Inconsistency (HELP!)

    Hello, total OBS noob here. I am looking for an alternative to NVIDIA's Shadowplay, which has proven to be pretty unreliable at times, and generally lower quality. I've heard many good things about OBS, but despite looking into just about every corner I can find, I can't seem to get it to work...
  19. H

    Having trouble trying to record

    Hello I'm just gonna sum this up... Pc specs Cpu Ryzen 5 3600 Gpu rtx 3070 RAM 32gb 3200mghz MB Asus rog strix b-550f No mater what I try I am constantly getting encoding overload. I try lowering resolution, fps, ect... I've even tried switching from hvenc(new) and x264 multiple times... ive...
  20. Bradthetitan

    Screen Glitch on bottom half of the screen?

    While I record my 360 Gameplay through a capture card a random Flash Glitch Spilts the screen. I'm running just basic 1080p Recording (No streaming) I'm new to this software so I'll try my best to inform what I can. Thanks for any assistance.