Base 1366x768 and output resolution are not identical.


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Hello. My screen resolution is 1366x768. OBS shows the ratio of this resolution as 683:384. I set it to "Base (canvas) resolution". After that, in the "Output (scaled) resolution" line, I can only select a resolution of 1364x768, which is close to mine.

Why it happens? Where do these two pixels go horizontally? And should I forcibly set 1366 - the picture will not be stretched by these two pixels? Wouldn't want to get blurry.

If this has already happened somewhere, point me there. I apologize in advance. Thanks.


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I guess 1366 isn't used, because it is not dividable by 4, and some functions (encoders, filters) might expect resolutions dividable by 4. If used with other resolutions, they still work but performance suffers.

If you use a horizontal resolution of 1364, the image is downscaled by those 2 pixels, which makes it all slightly blurry.

You can always directly type any resolution into the input field. It's not just a dropdown list with fixed values. just click into the field and type your resolution. If 1366x768 is not accepted, try 1368x768. 1368 is dividable by 4. This will give you 2 black pixels to the right of your display capture source, which is probably not really an issue.