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I have used the OBS studio for some time now, and I was very satisfied with the tool. I did reset of the OS, and now I am facing issues with switching between integrated and dedicated graphics on my notebook PC. For me, the program works only on the integrated graphic card, so even if I mark the OBS to the integrated in the Nvidia control panel, program is running on Nvidia, and on Nvidia I have no visual output of the recordings, for some reason (maybe because I use extended display on my laptop).

My question is - If every program is capable of switching to integrated why OBS have problem to go down for this one?

Best, Miloš
Windows 10 - build 18363
OBS version - 24.0.3
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Thank you, but I have solved it right now - switching did not worked in Nvidia control panel, but it worked to switch it in Display settings - Graphic settings in windows 10, adding the app from there then changing it to battery saving mode (integrated)