black screen

  1. D

    All peripherals stop receiving input after a few minutes of streaming/recording

    I'm on the latest version of OBS studio and cannot record or stream anything for longer than 15 minutes before my monitors go dark and RGB on my keyboard and mouse turn off as they stop receiving inputs. Looking at the recordings after the fact, they also stop when this occurs. It also doesn't...
  2. Paul17041993

    [20H2+ blocking bug] Desktop capture can only capture the cursor and only a single desktop frame, or otherwise black.

    Desktop capture can only capture the cursor and only a single desktop frame, or otherwise just a blank frame. Similarly, window capture does not work in auto mode (BitBlt), only WGC works and you must manually set it to that for every window capture. Note also that capture cursor does not...
  3. M

    Black screen, can't help on discord

    Hello, I need your help... I'm using obs, but when I when im in, it only shows cursor on black screen. I'm trying to solve it out for 2 hours and im am out of ideas. I tried to update my graphic drivers, didn't work, also looked in FAQ section, tried "Laptop GPU Selection Windows 10" guide...
  4. S

    Black screen on my laptop (already tried the thread at the main page, but didn't worked)

    I tried to upload my log file but when I try to do it OBS show me a message of error.
  5. I

    Screen blinking on and off when streaming ona dual PCs.

    Hello everyone, I am currently having issues when I stream on my dual PCs. I don’t see any issues on my gaming pc as far as seeing what I see on my streaming pc. On the streaming pc I see my game play cut off then come right back, this happens at least 1 or 2 times with in minutes. I tried many...

    We should find the solution!!!

    So I just registered here to let everyone know that a lot of people (as I can see on this forum) has issue with game capturing. It just doesn't show at all (black screen). I tried everything already like change graphic settings to performance, I tried to run as administrator, tried to run it on...
  7. emptyy

    Black screen while recording csgo

    yestarday everything was working i know that i need to add -allow_third_party_software and -untrusted commands but its not working. LOG FILE:
  8. J

    Display Capture Black Screen

    Hey I am on Desktop And I am having some issues with the display capture just a black screen with my mouse on it and that's it. it was working a week ago but now its not, I have tried all the work around such as changing the setting in the GPU doing the display setting, Admin Privileges made...
  9. K

    Ubuntu 20.04 Black screen issue not even cursor for window capture

    Hi all, Ubuntu: 20.04 OBS-studio: 26.0.2 I am having an issue with getting anything to show up when I add a source, the window capture source will only shows an output with applications I have installed like discord, chromium. windows capture doesn't seem to be working with Ubuntu native...
  10. N

    Flickering in OBS

    Since I updated to OBS 26.0.2 anytime im using OBS to stream the whole OBS window will flicker black and stream will lag really quick?
  11. Lukas the Bowgart

    Black screen preview.

    As you can tell from the picture and the title , I have a black screen on my OBS preview. I've checked if my display capture has all the necessary things for it to work and it does but it still doesn't show up. I've tried to fix the problem myself , looked on YouTube , use this sites wiki but...
  12. A

    Video Capture Device Black Screen + No Sound

    I have uninstalled and reinstalled numerous times. I've deleted every setting and scene. I have run the program as an administrator. Nothing has worked thus far, and on top of a completely black screen, I also have absolutely no sound. I am using an off-brand Amazon capture card and have not had...
  13. H

    OBS Studio Not Recording Team Fortress 2

    Hey there! When I try to use OBS to record TF2, it only records a black screen with game audio. TF2 is fullscreen, I am using game recording, capture specific window and then [hl2.exe]: Team Fortress 2. It doesn't create any log files for some reason, and the video is just a black screen...
  14. H

    Display Capture not capturing properly.

    So I have an entire gaming arena Im trying to set up for NDI to a main PC. I got 5 out of 6 of them working fine. This one however will capture cursor movement and will update the displayed image at about 1 frame per MINUTE. I do not have multiple graphics, I am running a 2070 super and an...
  15. P

    The OBS Black Screen

    Hello, I am trying to record the game Geometry Dash but all I get is a black screen when trying to record (I can only hear my audio). Capture works with Minecraft and display captures, but not Geometry Dash for some reason. Can anyone help? I've tried everything (here are my log files)...
  16. N

    Black screen when capturing games and windows. Windows 10.

    Black screen when capturing games and windows. What I just didn’t do was reinstall the program itself and the video card drivers updated the black screen anyway. How to fix?
  17. E

    OBS Black Screen when recording??

    Hello! I am new to using OBS and I looked up some tutorials on how to use obs. I pretty much used them to only change my bit rate so I have less lag and more fps. For some reason no matter what encoder I use, I get a black screen when recording. Everything runs the same except the black screen...
  18. W

    Please help screen black on second monitor cam

    on a dual monitor setup with my laptop but the thing can't recongnize the second display, however the obs does recognise the second monitor it is just not diplaying.
  19. P

    how to do i fix my black screen
  20. D

    Needing Help with Black Screens

    Alright, so lets start from the beginning. I installed OBS on my laptop and was going to do some recording with it then I got a black screen on my display. But I already looked at the post here in the forums about black screens and fixed it. I thought all was alright but when I tried to record a...