Dual PC/HD60s setup problems (Constant Black Screen / Blinking Black Screen)


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LOG URL: https://obsproject.com/logs/iX0YFWPNKB2BhVkV

I recently moved to a dual pc streaming setup using the Elgato HD60s Capture Card. My main computer isn't quite strong enough to handle gaming AND streaming/recording simultaneously, even if the game is rather lightweight.

Occasionally everything starts up and runs fine. Most of the time, I will have issues with the streaming PC getting a good signal and doing one of two things: constant black screen or blinking black screen.

I have my capture card hooked up to the GPU of my gaming PC and a USB 3.0 port on the streaming PC.

Gaming PC: I have my screens extended, so the capture card registers as a unique display. I use OBS Studio to project game to capture card which allows me to essentially project the game to my stream PC.

Stream PC: I have used OBS Studio, SLOBS, Twitch Studio Beta, and the Elgato Game capture software. I have tested them all with the same results: Sometimes no issues, most of the time constant black screen, or blinking black screen.

Both PC's are better than the minimum specs for the Capture Card.

I have the settings for capture all to 1080p 60 fps. and the Stream output to 960x540.

I had no technical issues while running a single pc setup, other than dropped/skipped/lagged frames. (Which is why I changed to the dual pc setup, so I could spread the load.)