1. mfaisalr29

    OBS Game Capture Blinking/Flickering

    Hi, i wanna ask why my Valorant blinking on my screen while streaming with Game Capture. The screen is only blinking on the game. If i alt tab to desktop it's alright no blinking at all. And the stream is not blinking too (i watched it on my yt while it was blinking.) I think the problem is...
  2. A

    Dual PC/HD60s setup problems (Constant Black Screen / Blinking Black Screen)

    LOG URL: I recently moved to a dual pc streaming setup using the Elgato HD60s Capture Card. My main computer isn't quite strong enough to handle gaming AND streaming/recording simultaneously, even if the game is rather lightweight. Occasionally...
  3. I

    Screen blinking on and off when streaming ona dual PCs.

    Hello everyone, I am currently having issues when I stream on my dual PCs. I don’t see any issues on my gaming pc as far as seeing what I see on my streaming pc. On the streaming pc I see my game play cut off then come right back, this happens at least 1 or 2 times with in minutes. I tried many...