black screen

  1. R

    OBS Couldn't Capture Any Screen

    Hi, My OBS hasn't been able to capture anything except audio for a couple of days. The preview shows black screen all the time and it is the same for both monitors. Window capture works partially; it captures the UI but not the moving screen. I had used Display Capture encountering no problems...
  2. P

    Not able to use my discrete graphics card for running OBS studio

    Hi! So I have already checked a lot of posts regarding how to get rid of that "black screen" in obs. Now the solution where you go in the graphics settings and then choose to run obs studio via dedicated/discrete GPU manually did not COMPLETELY solved my problem. So the issue is that, that...
  3. Hermit77

    0x0 red dot in top left of screen

    Hello, I have recently been having trouble with OBS game capture. It seems every time I try to use game capture its just a tiny little dot in the top left. I've spent hours looking at tutorials and Youtube and have looked through the OBS forums, but nothing seems to work. At first I thought it...
  4. Nephil

    Black Screen / Game Capture don't working [A thread with every solution i found (Windows 7)]

    So, what title say. Currently i've tried a lot from 3 months to fix mine, and it's something that i never seen someone say on helping. - Compatilibity mode (Windows 7 or Windows XP Service Pack 3) - Launch as administrator - Reinstall graphic drivers - Check scenes and gamecapture - Fullscreen...
  5. Scappe

    Obs doesn't detect screen

    I'm trying to record chrome or just my pc screen, adding a video source obs doesn't detect any screen or chrome tab, I already tried to change the gpu from setting -> graphic settings -> *obs dir* and choosing high performance or energy save. or by untick the "use hardware aceleration" (a blog...
  6. N

    Black Screen appears everytime I close and re-open OBS

    Hi Everyone, I'm posting for the first time here in the Forum because the issue I'm about to describe is driving me crazy. I've installed OBS some time ago and I'm able to successfully use it to record my screen and my audio output but everytime I close OBS and re-open it, my screen source...
  7. E

    relentlessly black screen - tried everything

    Hello. I've downloaded OBS for the first time on my new computer. I run Windows 10, so I downloaded the latest version but the screen recording doesn't work in any way. I've followed the guide and made sure I have the right settings for my NVIDIA graphic card, I uninstalled OBS and installed it...
  8. S

    can't use game capture or display capture

    like a couple of months ago i wanted to record some stuff but when i used display capture of game capture non worked so i my friend told me to watch a video and blah blah blah... so i have tried to fix it but nothing works changed what the app runs on either it is integrated or gpu and nothing...
  9. M

    obs nie przechwytuje ekranu Hej. Mam problem obs nie przechwytuje ekranu próbowałem już chyba wszystkiego proszę o pomoc.
  10. B

    Game capture suddenly not working

    So i use game capture for minecraft using specific window and it use to work perfectly fine then yesterday it just stopped (getting a black screen) and ive tried uninstalling obs and restoring sources but nothing will work to make game capture work, Im worried maybe I accidently clicked...
  11. M

    OBS not working (Black screen error in Display Capture) on my 1440p monitor but works on my 1080p monitor

    So, I got OBS and it doesn't work at all on my 1440p 144Hz monitor (Gigabyte FI27Q), with the black screen error appearing. However, if I switch my source to my 1080 60Hz monitor (Samsung LT22D390EW/XU), it works perfectly fine! The issue is that I do most of my stuff on my 1440p monitor, not...
  12. BunnyG3z_

    Game capture *BLACK SCREEN* [Destiny 2]2021-02-09

    for some reason I'm getting a black screen while trying the game capture Destiny 2 this just recently started two days ago for me I never had this issue before it just started to happening to me recently does anyone knows how to fix this I know I can just use screen capture but I have too much...
  13. MATU1

    Virtual camera is blocking webcam in Microsoft Teams

    Hi, since the update with a virtual camera, my main camera starts to has problems. Even I don't have opened or loaded OBS Studio I have always opted for OBS Virtual camera or use my webcam. And here comes the problem: when I choose OBS Virtual camera there is just that OBS logo with crossed cam...
  14. D

    All peripherals stop receiving input after a few minutes of streaming/recording

    I'm on the latest version of OBS studio and cannot record or stream anything for longer than 15 minutes before my monitors go dark and RGB on my keyboard and mouse turn off as they stop receiving inputs. Looking at the recordings after the fact, they also stop when this occurs. It also doesn't...
  15. Paul17041993

    [20H2+ blocking bug] Desktop capture can only capture the cursor and only a single desktop frame, or otherwise black.

    Desktop capture can only capture the cursor and only a single desktop frame, or otherwise just a blank frame. Similarly, window capture does not work in auto mode (BitBlt), only WGC works and you must manually set it to that for every window capture. Note also that capture cursor does not...
  16. M

    Black screen, can't help on discord

    Hello, I need your help... I'm using obs, but when I when im in, it only shows cursor on black screen. I'm trying to solve it out for 2 hours and im am out of ideas. I tried to update my graphic drivers, didn't work, also looked in FAQ section, tried "Laptop GPU Selection Windows 10" guide...
  17. S

    Black screen on my laptop (already tried the thread at the main page, but didn't worked)

    I tried to upload my log file but when I try to do it OBS show me a message of error.
  18. I

    Screen blinking on and off when streaming ona dual PCs.

    Hello everyone, I am currently having issues when I stream on my dual PCs. I don’t see any issues on my gaming pc as far as seeing what I see on my streaming pc. On the streaming pc I see my game play cut off then come right back, this happens at least 1 or 2 times with in minutes. I tried many...

    We should find the solution!!!

    So I just registered here to let everyone know that a lot of people (as I can see on this forum) has issue with game capturing. It just doesn't show at all (black screen). I tried everything already like change graphic settings to performance, I tried to run as administrator, tried to run it on...
  20. emptyy

    Black screen while recording csgo

    yestarday everything was working i know that i need to add -allow_third_party_software and -untrusted commands but its not working. LOG FILE: