black screen

  1. S

    Image Slides Shows and Images Turn into Black Page After A Random Time

    Hello. I have created many scenes with many sources for each scene. For example, in one scene, I have audio, image slide show, and video capture. When I first put everything into OBS it worked fine. A day or two later, I opened up the OBS app to find that every source worked except the image...
  2. C

    Camera LCD is black but streams

    I connected my Cannon 60D to my windows 10 system through a video capture device. Everything works fine on the OBS-system end but MY LCD TURNS BLACK WHENEVER I CONNECT THE VIDEO CAPTURE DEVICE! I have done all I could to no avail.
  3. N

    All games appear black on OBS.

    I've already tried running as administrator and with compatibility with other windows. I don't know what the problem is. Cpu: amd a10 7860k Gpu: rx570 4gb Ram: 8gb Windows 10. Configuration: Although the game is seen in the font properties, it is not seen in the main panel or in the stream...
  4. D

    I need help on OBS Studio 24.0.3 with capture of window

    When i do capture of window i have a black screen.
  5. D

    OBS not using integrated graphics resulting in black screen.

    I have an AMD R5 graphics card. I know it is very weak but it was working. I upgraded my amd software to adrenalin 2020 edition but found out that it does not have additional radeon settings and I have to do it from somewhere else so I downgraded to adrenalin 2019 and when I went to switchable...
  6. R

    OBS Game Capture Black Screen (detailed w/ log file)

    I have watched and read many things related to the obs black screen issue but I have had no luck. What I have tried see below. I have also attached my most recent log file for reference. 1. Uninstalling and reinstalling OBS 2. Reinstalling windows (this worked but for a short time-read below)...
  7. P

    Black Screen

    When I want to capture a screen, it's just not visible, but if I want to capture a picture through a window, I don't show anything but the browsers. So I do not have the option to record the screen, I have already tried to restart the laptop, reinstall the obs, even updated the graphics card...
  8. bunnygaming


    It is not working after I updated my windows 10 to 2004. I already changed it to power saving but it's still not working. I don't know how to fix it please help. Thank you in advance
  9. S

    Game Capture not working on Valorant (black screen)

    Looked at multiple other threads and nothing has worked. Game and Studio are both running on my graphics card, game mode is turned off, and the screen is still black. I've got no clue what to do
  10. W

    Black screen display, no game footage show

    i'm trying to stream persona 4 in fullscreen, using my second monitor but all it shows is a black screen, i make sure the display is showing the second monitor.
  11. E

    black screen obs card change doesn't work other popular ways like admin etc. please help too
  12. T

    Black Screen Recording Error

    So I recently got a new laptop for school and gaming, I record when I play so I can make montages with my clips but anyways I got my new computer last week and got OBS to record, everything was fine until last night, I was playing bedwars with my friends on badlion client and OBS didn't record...
  13. C

    OBS Black screen with Game capture for CS:GO HELP

    I am trying OBS for the first time. I tried using the game capture for CS:GO. It only shows a black screen. I tried fixes like setting compatibility mode, running with administration, installing the previous versions, disabling NVIDIA overlay - nothing works. However, if I check the source...
  14. F

    Black screen on "game capture" / "cant hook the game"

    i did see alot of tutorials on internet, also read the post: nothing seems to work, i did a screen capture with specific config , but cant configure game capture. i have dell laptop with intel/nvidia...
  15. Auroraambria

    NDI iPad black screen

    I have a Mac with the latest iOS. Downloaded NDI today. Got a black screen on OBS display. Audio works for iPad in OBS, just video is out. To solve I: Checked firewall for allowance Checked Ethernet (turned off and on) Made sure iPad and computer were on same WiFi Uninstalled and...
  16. P

    Laptop black screen issues, but on Linux.

    All the guides Ive seen for troubleshooting this have been about the Windows version. If it helps Im running Ubuntu, Xenial, and my DE is LXDE. Im also running the whole thing through Crouton if that helps. It seems like it can take still images for the thumbnail of the file, but the audio...
  17. neyuru

    Failed to open NVENC

    Log file: The video is shown in the capture preview screen but cannot record using NVENC. My card is in the supported matrix (Quadro RTX 4000). When I switch to software recording (x264) the error goes away but the recording has no video, only audio.
  18. Echon

    Black Screen

    Okay so first of all, no it is not my display capture, second, this is only an issue after the video. So basically my display capture is just fine, however when I go back to watch the video I just spent 15 minutes recording, the whole thing is black and audio is cut off completely. I've also...
  19. sblooga

    Black screen since the update of windows 10 V1909

    Good morning all, I browsed the forum and the videos on Youtube concerning the OBS black screen. I made some changes on my PC and I also reinstalled my graphics card and updated my NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB driver compared to the tutorials I found on the forum and Youtube but, I still have a...
  20. G

    OBS recognizes all sources except display capture to record windows.

    Recently my OBS stopped recognizing Windows 10, but two days ago everything was normal. I can record the screen of other programs like: Chrome, Steam, Games. However, if I want to record the desktop or anything related to Windows, doesn't work. In general, display capture stopped working, but...