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hi, i just download OBS and all im getting is a black screen. i tried many of the youtube fixes but they never worked.
im using AMD 8790m with the 2015 AMD Catalyst Driver. cant update the driver to to screen freezes and windows failures that occur when installing AMD Adrenaline.
im using a Dell Latitude E6540 laptop
all i want is to record some demos in a game called CSGO. no streaming just record.
Specs :
CPU : Intel Core I7 4610m 2 Cores
GPU : AMD Radeon 8790M
8 gb of ram
480gb ssd


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Streaming or recording are identical regarding the demands on hardware and system speed, cause both of them need encoding which is demanding.
If you need to use that older Laptop (i7 4th generation) with radeon graphics and old driver, try your luck with an older version of OBS, too. In any case there will be no "guarantee" (to say so) cause you are trying to play a demanding game same time as using OBS on the given hardware.

Plus: Please look around here in the forum. There is a pinned thread (under the top one) regarding typical "black screen capture" issues.