black screen issue

  1. V

    OBS Black screen

    Hello. On Windows 11, there is a black screen problem when recording OBS. I tried all sorts of ways to solve the problem, but I never solved it. Who has faced a similar problem, what ways have helped you? Absolutely nothing helps me
  2. Black Screen using game capture with Sims 4

    I've been having a black screen issue whenever I choose game capture Sims 4. All other games work except sims 4. I have tried all troubleshooting i have found online. tried to reinstall obs and even tried to install the previous version but nothing worked. What could be the problem? Please help!
  3. K

    black screen when reproducing video

    Few weeks ago I had recorded a few videos by using "display capture", now when I open two of them (in VLC) I see them all black, I can see the mouse movements, but everything else is just black. Older videos are just fine, and just tried couple times, and they are fine as well. What could have...
  4. justtamers

    my obs crashs and turn's my monitor screen black

    so I have been trying to stream but every time I open obs after so long it will randomly crash and turn both of my monitor's screens black and the good old ctrl + shift + window button + b works but after I reopen it just makes it worse and it makes me have to do a hard restart and the one...
  5. D

    Game Capture Black / Not Capturing

    So recently OBS has been playing up for me. The Game Capture won't capture anything I set it to. No matter what game I try. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling so many times. I looked up fixes and I got it to work for like one time when I reset the Position in Transform. However even that...
  6. D

    Obs can't capture valorant

    Obs captures only the first frame of the game and that's it, I tried to change the screen mode in the game and even reinstalled it, launching the game and obs on behalf of the administrator did not help. In this case, the game is calmly captured through the window capture, and not the game.
  7. A

    OBS won't work with specific game

    I recently downloaded OBS and have been having some issues getting it working. I have been able to get it to work with most games (currently Hollow Knight and Super Meatboy), but I haven't been able to get it to work with Celeste when using game capture, it's always a black screen. I've tried...
  8. Miist

    OBS Black Screen When Using Lunar Client

    Whenever I record a video playing on Lunar Client using OBS, there will always be a black screen for some sort of reason. I am on Windows 10, drivers and OBS are up to date, and I am playing on full screen. I don't like using a maximized windowed screen when playing Minecraft on Lunar Client so...
  9. Y

    OBS Black Screen

    hi, i just download OBS and all im getting is a black screen. i tried many of the youtube fixes but they never worked. im using AMD 8790m with the 2015 AMD Catalyst Driver. cant update the driver to to screen freezes and windows failures that occur when installing AMD Adrenaline. im using a Dell...
  10. M

    PTZ Optics Camera no Picture

    I have set up 3 PTZ Optics cameras over the last couple of years in local churches all without any real difficulty. However, this time when using similar settings over IP and OBS Studio I cannot get the camera to produce a picture. Using the OBS plug-in I can control Pan, Tilt and Zoom and have...
  11. P

    OBS black screen issues

    I'm having issues with my OBS capturing my external Elgato HD60 S. Log file I recently moved my PC to a better spot because previously it had been under the desk. Ever since moving it OBS has not been working with my elgato. I have two monitors and I can get my Nintendo Switch to display on my...
  12. Anscenic

    Dead by Daylight not being capture in OBS - BLACKSCREEN

    Ok so everytime this happends i have to reboot my computer and it works again , but thats terrible annoying to do that all the time , can you guys know why is not capturing the game correctly? Sometimes it works perfectly and sometimes doesnt just like this one Log File ...
  13. W

    BlackScreen with video capture device.

    I'm using a capture Device to record my Nintendo Switch play. It was working just fine before the update. Now i can hear the sound just fine but I cant get rid of the blackscreen. The capture device is working just fine on any other software. (Discord, ACTION!,...) I've only had this issue...
  14. S

    OBS black screen in windows 8.1

    I have installed OBS on my system. I have 8.1 OS. I did not find a solution for black screen. Window capture is ok. but display capture didnt work. seen only black sceen. I give the log file link below. Please help me
  15. N

    OBS Black Screen Fix - TRIED EVERYTHING
  16. K

    Unable to use Nvidia Graphics

    Hello everyone, Using the laptop - ASUS Strix G, Nvidia GTX graphics. I need to record the tutorial which requires 3 to 4 application screens so basically I need to record the entire desktop screen, when I use OBS with the Intel graphics I am facing the low recording quality issue (screenshot...