Black Screen / Game Capture don't working [A thread with every solution i found (Windows 7)]


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So, what title say. Currently i've tried a lot from 3 months to fix mine, and it's something that i never seen someone say on helping.

- Compatilibity mode (Windows 7 or Windows XP Service Pack 3)
- Launch as administrator
- Reinstall graphic drivers
- Check scenes and gamecapture
- Fullscreen / Borderless Screen
- Disabling hardware acceleration (Advanced Settings)
- Try another games

Any of these didn't work?, specifically, Game Catpure didn't work?. (If you have a problem with these and didn't check something of what i say, try it)
I don't have a fluent english, but hope that i might help

Have you tried changing your Renderer?

3 months, 3 damn months trying everything. And just to test with changing the renderer,it actually works for me atleast.
Settings > Advance Settings > Renderer
You got only one probably, Direct3D 11 or D311

If it is true, try testing with another.

On OBS Shortcut, right click and 'Properties'
On Shortcut (Sorry if it's spanish, lol), usually at the side of General
Destiny, add " --allow-opengl "You should have it like this

obs64.exe" --allow-opengl

Apply, accept.

Open OBS, go to advanced settings and change the renderer to OpenGL


Try it, at least for me i was so desperate trying to find a solution, because ANYTHING didn't work to record (Discord, OBS, Streamlabs, Dxtory)
And this is a life changer for me (jk). I can apply the solutions i've found on many other recording applications and actually use them (as i mention before)

Thanks for reading, sorry if i'm not that fluent or good speaking!


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Also... i those 3 months i never find someone say that changing the renderer to OpenGL works as a fix. Just 1 comment on a thread that says no, that it didn't.