black screen windows

  1. Nephil

    Black Screen / Game Capture don't working [A thread with every solution i found (Windows 7)]

    So, what title say. Currently i've tried a lot from 3 months to fix mine, and it's something that i never seen someone say on helping. - Compatilibity mode (Windows 7 or Windows XP Service Pack 3) - Launch as administrator - Reinstall graphic drivers - Check scenes and gamecapture - Fullscreen...
  2. S

    OBS Black Screen When Game Capturing

    So I know this is a (somewhat) common issue and I've done everything to try and resolve it. (Went to System Settings and set OBS, as well as the game I'm trying to capture, at High Power mode, went to Nvidia's control panel and made it so that it also uses that graphics card instead of the...
  3. Echon

    Black Screen

    Okay so first of all, no it is not my display capture, second, this is only an issue after the video. So basically my display capture is just fine, however when I go back to watch the video I just spent 15 minutes recording, the whole thing is black and audio is cut off completely. I've also...