1. S

    OBS doesn't launch either in normal or safe mode

    OBS doesn't run on my up-to-date Manjaro system for some reason anymore, previously worked fine. Upon launch, it offers to launch in standard or safe mode, but either of them leads to the app closing before the UI opens. Tried to reinstall - did not help Made an output of obs --verbose in case...
  2. O

    Audio Crackling/Choppy Suddenly

    I was changeng settings in OBS, and then suddenly the mic adio is crackly/choppy. How can I troubleshoot this furthur? I have done everything I could think of.
  3. ssolveig

    The dreaded "If you are using NVENC or AMD encoders, make sure your video drivers are up to date", but only for streaming?

    Hi there, I've been using OBS just fine to live stream on the side some games for friends for a long while now, however for some reason since Thursday I've been unable to livestream at all. I've ***no*** clue why, I've tried to change the video encoder to every single other encoder available to...
  4. A

    Audio dropouts each 7-8 minute

    Hey all, I need some help with OBS. 2 weeks ago I've got my hands on external USB audio card - Behringer UMC202HD and since then I'm trying to find a solution to record dj sessions mixed with scene animations. My studio pc specs: Ryzen 5 3600 cpu 32GB ram gtx 1050 ti oc gpu samsung 970 evo...
  5. Kosik_3

    Can record with NVENC fine but can't stream anymore "Stream output type 'rtmp_output' failed to start!"

    Can record without problems with NVENC but can't stream after updating to version 29.1.3 Hello, so the problem is like week ago everything worked fine today I finally update my OBS to newer veersion but sadly Im not able to stream anymore just recording with NVENC. GPU drivers are updated to the...
  6. DarthSwashbuckler

    Second audio track silent/missing

    Hi, I'm sorry if this is a repeat question but I've read a couple of threads with similar sounding issues and after trying the suggestions on there that I could I haven't been able to find a solution. So I have my OBS set to record up to 6 tracks, and I have my desktop audio set to track 1 and...
  7. amasashiro

    [Problem] Minecraft Java 1.16.1: OBS microphone volume becomes extremely low when running in the foreground.

    OBS microphone volume is extremely low when running MineCraft Java 1.16.1. No change in other audio. - When MineCraft is run in the background, the OBS microphone volume is restored. - OBS microphone volume becomes extremely low when MineCraft 1.16.1 is switched to foreground execution. - This...
  8. mago333

    Can't "Enable preview"

    As you can see, the preview can't be enabled and it's actually moving the source instead of clicking the button.
  9. R

    Recorded video does not capture separate audio tracks.

    im trying to get a video file that has seperate audio tracks within so i can edit them, but when i look at the video only one track can be heard. heres the video and some screenshots:
  10. Pamartz

    Crashing (but I can ignore sometimes)

    Log is here => The crash usually happens soon after launching OBS. After the crash notification window appears, sometimes, OBS closes immediately, or I can ignore it and OBS continues to function as normal (it will close on its own eventually). The...
  11. karyslav

    Failed to authenticate with Twitch: certificate has expired

    Is there someone else unable to log in into Twitch directly from OBS (27.1.0) ? I tried everything, I am able to stream via streamkey from Twitch but not able to log in and use dashboard for chat etc. ``` Failed to authenticate with Twitch: Failed to get token from remote: SSL certificate...
  12. K

    OBS Crashing on Startup

    Hey y'all, I'm having trouble with OBS all of a sudden. When I click to open it, a few seconds go by, and then the notification saying that the crash log has been saved shows up. I've tried uninstalling/reinstalling with no luck. Could someone take a look at the crash log?
  13. Nephil

    Black Screen / Game Capture don't working [A thread with every solution i found (Windows 7)]

    So, what title say. Currently i've tried a lot from 3 months to fix mine, and it's something that i never seen someone say on helping. - Compatilibity mode (Windows 7 or Windows XP Service Pack 3) - Launch as administrator - Reinstall graphic drivers - Check scenes and gamecapture - Fullscreen...
  14. J

    OBS 26 Virtual Camera Mac Audio Sync Solved!

    Struggling with audio sync and the built-in virtual camera. In reading these forums, it looks like the way people are trying to solve for this is through NDI Tools or virtual cabling. I was leery about introducing another software layer to solve a sync issue so NDI was out. I had Black Hole...
  15. C

    Tried to link VST and now OBS crashes upon start up every time

    Hey all, I recently tried adding Izotope Nectar 3 Elements VST to OBS. I believe I had it set to "FL VSTI" On the selected VST. I realized I meant to download Neutron not Nectar, and it didn't work how I wanted it to anyway so I closed FL. Then my audio wasn't working how I had it before in OBS...
  16. W

    Are there any performance benefits to using Game Capture over Display Capture for game apps?

    So, I've been messing around with some scene collection setups for streaming lately, and I've noticed a peculiar bit of behaviour with game capture. If I switch scenes by alt-tabbing over into OBS and clicking, when I return to my scene using game capture, the game video is gone. Wherever my...
  17. amathyst_mlx

    BTTV has disappeared.

    I've had FFZ and BTTV running without much issue prior to 26.0.0; however, the in-chat settings for BTTV have vanished. The settings previously activated through the BTTV window are still active, but are only half functioning (i.e., reverse direction of chat is still active, but the messages...
  18. blitzkraft_

    Twitch dock is not available on version 25.0.8

    My platform is linux (sabayon, gentoo based binary distro). I am only able to stream using the stream key. Login using the password option does not even appear in my settings. Was that removed? I just wish to edit stream title and description from within obs. OBS is version 25.0.8.
  19. MDTO

    Activating/deactivating a video source with shortcuts?

    Hey there. Sometimes two of my video sources act up a little; my capture card audio lags, or my Cam Link needs refreshing for my video to show up. Both of these issues are solved by just clicking "Deactivate" in their settings, and then Activating them again. This also needs to happen if I...
  20. O

    Question / Help Maximum bitrate in OBS Studio - not streaming service dependent

    Some background on me: I am a technical expert turned A/V expert through my job in enterprise IT moving to enterprise IT for a large live theater. I am good with tech and networking and currently stream online using a two computer setup, NDI stream, capture cards, network audio... with gigabit...