Are there any performance benefits to using Game Capture over Display Capture for game apps?


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So, I've been messing around with some scene collection setups for streaming lately, and I've noticed a peculiar bit of behaviour with game capture. If I switch scenes by alt-tabbing over into OBS and clicking, when I return to my scene using game capture, the game video is gone. Wherever my game capture source was displayed, it's blank. The only way to circumvent this appears to be switching without tabbing out of the game (e.g. using hotkeys or a streamdeck).

This behaviour doesn't happen if I use window capture to capture my game. Consequently I'd be tempted to use Window Capture instead going forward, but I thought I might check first - does game capture have any benefits over window capture in terms of performance, lag, accuracy, picture quality, et cetera? I know that only GC allows transparency and overlay capture, but those aren't really that significant for my use-case scenarios.

In case you're curious - and I doubt it gives any useful info - here's a log of just me opening up OBS with my chosen stream collection and OBS.Live running, game is running, and clicking in and out between my gameplay and BRB scenes.

Thanks in advance!

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Run the game in borderless windowed mode, if you don't want this to happen.

Game capture is the fastest/least performance impact option but the difference is negligible with modern hardware, compared to window capture.


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Thanks for illustrating the difference, I'll give it some consideration.

Thank you also for the borderless tip - I always run things in borderless but thought it weird I was still getting the issue - then I realised that setting to borderless and choosing to capture the specific window rather than 'any fullscreen application' worked as the fix, thank you!