1. T

    Bug Report artifacts with amgpu-pro + xcomposite

    Hi everybody, first post here, and sorry for my bad english :-( I use ubuntu 18.04 (with new 5.x kernels) with an AMD RX 590 graphic card. I have to use amdgpu-pro drivers in order to run DaVinci Resolve, Blender with GPU computing and Darktable with GPU computing. But when I install...
  2. C

    Question / Help Is this how it's intended to work?

    I just downloaded the Windows 10 version of OBS and after I complete the setup wizard it opens up a box labeled stats. Using the shortcut on my desktop and the application file in file explorer also brings up this stats box. I've tried waiting 30+ minutes and redownloaded OBS multiple times. Is...
  3. Matthew Paluch

    Question / Help Mic has minor buzz - but only in games, not as they load, not on desktop

    I just did a test where I was both streaming and recording. The mic sounded great (to me) when I was on desktop, and when game was loading and I was on loading screens... but as soon as the game loads, there is a weird buzz when i talk that was not there before. When i am not talking, there is...
  4. The_Fireplace

    Question / Help Fatal IO error 2 (No such file or directory) on X server :0.0. when trying to load OBS

    When I try to load OBS, it crashes. Here is the log from when I run it in terminal; I was unable to find where the log file is. If I can provide any additional information to get this resolved, please let me know.
  5. Louzsy

    Question / Help Stream is grainy and not the best quality

    My stream is grainy and not the best quality it could be it might not be that bad, but I want to get the most out of OBS My stream vod: Log: Any help would be appreciated Edit: FIXED i went to reddit and...
  6. OtterGauze

    Question / Help XComposite and Source Engine Games

    (This post is a direct copy/paste of a post I made in the Linux Mint forums about a month ago that came to no avail, aside from changes to my screenfetch) This has been one of the only major problems I've encountered on my switch to Linux. Overall, everything else has gone swimmingly, and I'm...
  7. H

    Question / Help Frame Lag (with log attached)

    Dear forum volunteers, Thanks for the great work. The Internet wouldn't be so wonderful without such folk taking time to help each other. (log) I don't understand how come I get so much frame lag. I understand that my system is much beefier than it...
  8. Feuzaed

    Question / Help OBS Not Responding on Startup

    Any time I try to open OBS, it has a white screen for a couple of seconds before it stops responding and I have to force close it via task manager. I've tried reinstalling, restarting, shutting down all programs, turning off all antivirus software, but no matter what I do the results stay the...
  9. C

    Question / Help Black screen when recording with Window Capture on NVIDIA Laptop. Global Default for all applications has already been set to run on NVIDIA GPU.

    When using OBS to record with Window Capture, a black screen with only my mouse visible is recorded. I have already looked at the pinned post on this forum as well as the laptop troubleshooting guide and have added the .exe path for OBS to the list of programs that use the NVIDIA processor in...
  10. E

    Bug Report OBS doesnt allow recording to NAS when launched as Administrator

    I'm trying to setup full screen in-game hotkey recording so I need to run OBS as administrator. The issue is when I launch as admin OBS wont allow me to record to my 6TB NAS which is the only place I have enough storage. When I launch OBS without admin privileges the NAS device is shown and...
  11. X

    Question / Help [Solved] - Dell Intel/AMD graphics laptop black display capture workaround

    I have been fighting this for months and have finally figured out a workaround so I thought I would share since I haven't been able to find a solution online that suggested this. Hopefully this saves someone some headache (maybe add this to the blank display capture sticky?) TLDR: With an...
  12. I

    Question / Help [solved] Understanding rendering lag / GPU influence / scene stuttering

    Hi guys, I am trying to understand scene rendering in OBS. As far as I know OBS uses the GPU to render scenes. What I don't understand is why I still have rendering lag (little, like 0.2-0.3%) even though my GPU "idles" at 20% shown by GPU-Z. My average time to render frame is ~ 1.1ms. So I...
  13. MrMundy

    Bug Report OBS crashes when trying to start a recording

    Hello all, thanks for reading this. I've recently stumbled upon a major problem with OBS (at least for me). Whenever I try to start a recording OBS crashes immidiatly after I press the "Start Recording" button. I have freshly reinstalled the latest AMD drivers (I have a MSI RX580 if that info is...
  14. H

    Question / Help Recording has low fps WHILE game has high fps.

    My recordings have low fps but while i am playing i have high fps. Logs Specs
  15. ChilledNips

    Question / Help MIC AUDIO ISSUE

    So I've used obs a while now and never had this happen, but my mic audio now sounds like poop on stream but in discord not so much. I've also noticed it doesn't light up on the meter for it yet viewers claim to be able to hear me. it also doesn't record mic audio in simple recording mode. I've...
  16. T

    Question / Help Studio is crashing on startup

    Tell me how to fix this please.
  17. E

    Question / Help [SOLVED] No sound from desktop audio during video playback..

    I wanted to include both of my most recent logs as to what may be causing this issue. It seems that whenever I record anything, the audio bar bounces back and forth like it is receiving audio from my playback device (Steelseries Headset). However, when I play the recording back through, I can...
  18. Miroslav Iliaš

    Question / Help Problems with Window Capture

    Greetings, I am encountering problems with the Window Capture functionality: the captured window of an application is not displayed properly. For example, MS Excel window is shown as white, without bars, texts or Explorer browser is also captured as white windows, without showing its content...