Question / Help [Solved] - Dell Intel/AMD graphics laptop black display capture workaround


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I have been fighting this for months and have finally figured out a workaround so I thought I would share since I haven't been able to find a solution online that suggested this. Hopefully this saves someone some headache (maybe add this to the blank display capture sticky?)

TLDR: With an laptop with Intel and AMD graphics, force everything to Power Save Mode (i.e. force it to run on the Intel graphics card) if you are getting a blank display capture and window capture or game capture is not feasible or possible for whatever reason.

I have an application that cannot be captured with window captures because the software does not appear to pass text window identifiers to the OS (windows 10 in this case). Where the window title would normally show in the list of windows available to capture, it instead says NULL and regardless of which I select from the list I always get the same window (which happens to be the first window I created for that particular screen of that particular layout). Additionally, I'm working with close to 100 windows (each widget is treated as a window in the software) across 4 layouts that I can toggle on the fly and my layouts change periodically so window capture mode is a big nope even if it did work.

I have a Dell Latitude E6440 with Intel HD Graphics 4600 and AMD Radeon HD 8690M graphics. I have found that if I go into the AMD Catalyst Control Center and force "Power Save Mode" globally on battery and wall power and set both OBS and my application to "Based on Power source" I am able to get a usable screen capture. I don't really care for this solution because I would prefer the application run on the AMD card but I am pretty sure that the software I am capturing refuses to run on the AMD graphics card anyway due to it being a niche specialized product.