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I don't understand how come I get so much frame lag. I understand that my system is much beefier than it needs to be to run at the settings that I have set.

I'm hoping that someone can take a quick glance and see the issue right away.

R9 390


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Well, it used to work fine at 60fps 1080p on speed, but I've now set it to 60fps 720p on quality and seems fair enough that I figure I'll settle with that.

Still, it used to work so smoothly.

Troubleshooting done included making sure that game mode was off and having the V C++ redis as listed in the troubleshooting guide for obs-amd-encoder.


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14:16:48.056: Output 'adv_file_output': Number of lagged frames due to rendering lag/stalls: 29291 (82.7%)

GPU overload.

You're overloading your encoder... which in this case is also your GPU since you're using AMF:

13:40:07.997: Video stopped, number of skipped frames due to encoding lag: 4029/4131 (97.5%)

Make sure that game mode is off.

Make sure that your GPU is in the right slot, properly seated, and is getting the full PCI bandwidth it should be getting.

:32:22.690: Loaded scenes:
13:32:22.690: - scene 'Scene':
13:32:22.690: - source: 'OW' (game_capture)
13:32:22.690: - source: 'Rocket League' (game_capture)
13:32:22.690: - source: 'PUBG' (game_capture)
13:32:22.690: - source: 'APEX' (game_capture)
13:32:22.690: - source: 'TitanFall2' (game_capture)
13:32:22.690: - source: 'TD2' (game_capture)
13:32:22.690: - source: 'MHW' (game_capture)
13:32:22.690: - source: 'CSGO' (game_capture)

You should generally have only one game capture per scene. Multiple captures in the same scene can interfere. You can either use one per scene and reconfigure on a per-game basis, or use separate scenes or scene collections for different games.


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An update for progress record. Issue still being worked on.
Thank you for the reply Narcogen.

Things left to try as recommended by Narcogen:
1. I'll have to try one source at a time per scene and see if it works out.
2. Pull out the card and re-seat it.

Game mode is definitely off, and bandwidth looks good.
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I cleaned the contacts on the GPU and reseated it, and I set one game per scene.

I'm getting very few dropped frames now.

I wonder if I can go back to 1080p 60fps again though.

Great progress was made. Thank you, Narcogen.