Question / Help Mic has minor buzz - but only in games, not as they load, not on desktop

I just did a test where I was both streaming and recording. The mic sounded great (to me) when I was on desktop, and when game was loading and I was on loading screens... but as soon as the game loads, there is a weird buzz when i talk that was not there before. When i am not talking, there is total silence (good)

If anyone could take a look at this from 13:55 where i say a few clear words, *as the game is loading*, and you can stop it at 14:15 as the buzz will be obvious.

thanks in advance!

No buzz then Buzz
I have:

Noise Removal VST
Noise Gate VST
Equalizer VST
Compressor VST
Limiter (OBS)

you suspect the Noise Gate?

and thanks!


Gain was set to be way too high. The reason this wasnt immediately obvious, like the mic volume pegging out into the red zone, was that I had configged the Noise Gate based on me talking softly, and then adjusted the compressor as well. So basically I was screaming, but the noise gate and compressor made it sound great. i mean really good.

Except for that buzz...

A friend convinced me to lower gain a good bit, change the gate to match, change the compressor to match new gate, and bingo, no buzz!

Its a *little* too quiet, but ill experiment slowly raising gain again to see if i can get a little more volume without buzz kicking in.