Crashing (but I can ignore sometimes)


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Log is here =>

The crash usually happens soon after launching OBS. After the crash notification window appears, sometimes, OBS closes immediately, or I can ignore it and OBS continues to function as normal (it will close on its own eventually). The log above was taken by clicking the "yes" option on the crash window when it asked if I want to copy to clipboard (If I choose yes, no, or close the window, the OBS will close itself).

I should also mention that sometimes OBS gets "stuck" when I try to close it, no matter how long I leave it, it just won't close. It's not "not responding" either, so no matter how many times I click on it, there're no "OBS is not responding" window that appears, but I still can't interact with OBS when its in this state. I can close it from task manager's end task, but something's definitely wrong here so I'll add it here.

The earliest date this kind of crashing has happened on me was 22 Feb 2022, and it continues after the latest update
Thanks in advance!


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This crash comes from the win-capture-audio plugin. Looks like it's outdated, you'll want to update it.