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  1. Y

    OBS Crashing Immediately On Startup

    Hello i have not touched my pc since yesterday when i streamed everything was okay then i got back on today and obs would load in and immediately crash i don't even get enough time to export my scenes and settings here are the log files please help ;-;
  2. R

    OBS Crashing on Startup and I need help

    This just started happening today it worked a few days ago, and as soon as obs launches it crashes, im not sure why so please help me.
  3. moonsta

    OBS crashing when streaming

    Hello I have been having this issue for two days of stream in a row made me restart the stream 4-5 times suddenly when I'm streaming and decide to switch scene, skip song, or have any interaction on obs, if I click on obs it will freeze en crash and I will have to manually shut it down in the...
  4. YaGirlFoxy

    Obs crashing my computer!

    So I stream pretty much daily and I haven't changed my obs settings in forever but now all of a sudden my stream started to freeze and then my computer just crashed? Not only once no but twice in a row while trying to stream again! No error message or nothing just makes my screen go pitch black...
  5. K

    My obs crash, and i don't know why, can you help me?

    Hello, i'm having some problems with obs, he crashed a lot, maybe on all my streams... it's been crashing for about 2 months and i don't know why. By looking at the forums, i saw that there was crash files in the obs documents, here they are. I found only 5, dont' know why there aren't more...
  6. I

    Whenever I close a game my OBS crashes.

    I've been streaming for over two years and I've never had a problem, but lately my OBS started to break, and recently I noticed a pattern, I don't know if this pattern existed to be honest or if it started to happen now, the thing is, my OBS just stops working whenever I close a game, and then I...
  7. I

    OBS is Crashing on Startup

    I have tried everything and cant figure it out. I cant even pull my scenes and profiles in an export before doing a hard re-install. This is my fll-time job so I really need help. Please look at this crash log and help me figure out what to do. Yes my PC is up to date with windows and yes I...
  8. G

    Streaming from second GPU

    Hello I Have GTX 1080Ti and GTX 1050Ti and I'm using both cards but when I tried to stream from 1050ti and on a 1080Ti my Game Crash and OBS aswell. I've seen multiple tutorials how to stream from second gpu and I'm doing exactly the same things from this videos. I'm using the latest Nvidia...
  9. R

    0 kb/s con cuadrado verde, obs "no responde"

    El dia de hoy estaba haciendo stream, de repente observe que mi chat me comentaba que me quede freeze, entonces procedi a checar mi obs, y me aparecia 0kb/s y con el cuadrado verde, queria esperar a que agarrara la onda y vi que no podia cambiar de escena, ni interactuar con mi obs, crasheo, asi...
  10. V3ptur

    OBS Crashing PC On Startup (Loses Monitor Signal & Restarts)

    Problem: When starting OBS my PC crashes and restarts or doesn't show display on both monitors. Can take a few seconds of the application fully running to then crash my PC The crash causes both displays to go black in which they have no signal from the PC In some cases once OBS is launched it...
  11. TheEnigmist

    OBS keep crashing at random times

    I notice this problems since Oct / Nov after updated to new OBS 28 while streaming Resident Evil 8. Before it I was using the same scenes and sources, I moved NVIDIA Broadcast (virtual greenscreen) to OBS built-in version. After that time OBS start be unresponsive, the stream stops and I need to...
  12. R

    OBS Crashing

    My OBS crashed twice during my last stream and I'm not sure why. I have 3 suspects, (1) My update to Win 11. (2) installing the alpha version of the VFX plugin. (3) incompatibility of OBS29 with latest update of GPU driver. Here's the crash report though.
  13. S

    My obs keeeps crashing

    It might be because of "Aplication audio output capture" Plugin but honestly i have no idea what's up. Obs also doesn't respond after closing it.
  14. Litttle_fish

    OBS Crashed while opening: c0000005

    I uninstalled NVIDIA audio sdk and then this happened when I trying to launch OBS. Here is the crash log
  15. M

    OBS 28 Constantly Crashing Recently

    Hello everyone. As the title suggests OBS 28 has been crashing A LOT recently which kind of came out of nowhere. I've been running the same setup and overlay for quite sometime now and haven't made any changes to anything. About two weeks ago however, my obs has been crashing constantly...
  16. M

    Video Capture crashes

    Hello everyone, Since a few weeks OBS crashed when I want to edit my video capture source in my scenes. It also doesn't catch the signal of my Animaze Facerig app, which is how I noticed the problem. It worked fine before and I didn't change anything. Now I can't even create a new video...
  17. 1

    OBS Freezing Randomly During Usage (Both Streaming and Not)

    I am currently having an issue with my OBS freezing during use. The preview window will freeze and shutdown my stream if I am streaming, after that it lets me press a couple of buttons, but they do not do anything and the program eventually completely freezes. I have to go into task manager to...
  18. Gabry20500

    OBS freezes

    Hi, I write on this forum to ask for a hand, for some time OBS crashes me while I’m in LIVE, sometimes crash, other times I have to finish it from the windows task manager. I leave you attached some crash reports
  19. poisn_

    Stream Crashing Randomly / Periodically throughout broadcast (Logs Attached)

    I have had a major issue with stream recently where my stream will randomly crash, due to unknown issues. I have used the LogAnalyzer tool and done every single recommended change. I will attach multiple log files from previous streams, appreciate the help in advance. THINGS I HAVE TRIED...
  20. Psebcool

    OBS crashed at launch program

    Everytime. I post the Crash log Thanks for help !