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  1. S

    Question / Help Help with OBS

    Recently I'm trying to stream need for speed and other games in twitch, But when I try using OBS, OBS just crash all along, and I don't know what to do. Is there ant version that would be able to run in my pc?
  2. E

    Bug Report Help! OBS crashing as soon as I start recording/streaming

    Hello, I've been having this problem ever since and I'm looking for a way to fix this. I have uploaded the logs and crash files.
  3. R

    Bug Report Created two profiles and OBS exits quietly when switching between them

    No error msgs. Just closes. And when I open OBS, it comes up on the on I need, so that's good.
  4. I

    Question / Help Crashes immediately after launch

    I just installed it (and need it working ASAP for a school project...) and it crashed immediately I updated my graphics card drivers already
  5. P

    Question / Help OBS crashing the second time I run it on my PC

    HI, OBS works very well if I am using it for the first time after restarting my PC. After working with OBS, I close the program but If I need it again, when I start OBS it always return the crash error window. I have to reboot the computer to be able to work with OBS again. I have tried the...
  6. P

    Question / Help OBS Crashing While Streaming

    Hey All, this isn't a problem I've had before, so I'm not really sure what to do about it. It crashed a few times during the same stream, so I've attached my log file. I've checked for updates to OBS, and it doesn't appear there is one. I'm not entirely sure what else may be causing the...
  7. V

    Question / Help OBS Crashes on Start up

    hello i have tried to change things with the rivatuner, new drivers for the 1080ti and a clean install and restart computer but nothing worrked im getting a thread 1244 (crashed) but dont know what that means and cannot find an answer on google or here when i searched. the log is attached i have...
  8. A

    Question / Help OBS Crashing mid streaming session on dedicated stream PC

    I'm currently streaming on a dedicated streaming PC using NDI and for the first hour or so everything was fine no dropped frames or encoding/video lag but after about an hour and 10 minutes into my first stream session on the PC it suddenly crashed. I opened OBS again and after about 30 minutes...
  9. SpyderHunter03

    Question / Help OBS 23 Python Crash

    I am not able to get python run appropriately for scripting. Every time I set the python directory I get OBS to crash. I have OBS installed on a drive different than C: (It is installed on G: drive), but I installed Python on both the C: drive AND...
  10. K

    Question / Help obs keeps crashing

    so recently my obs has been crashing like crazy on Nvenc and the other one it crashes less in NCENC its a dual pc streaming setup iv done temp tests and every thing looks good 50 to 60s for gpu game DVR is off and the build is a i9700x ,gtx 1060 ,32 gb ram 1tb iv updated obs and windows...
  11. Ducu

    Question / Help OBStudio Crash QuickSync H.264

    OBS Studio crashes whenever I want to do Livestream or give a Record on QuickSync H.264 I want to say that I gave BIOS to Integrated Graphics and I have the last driver installed This: Logs:
  12. W

    Question / Help 32 - Bit OBS Crashes when I start stream

    Everytime I start the stream, my obs crashes, and I’ve tried everything, I don’t know how to fix it, it works fine until I click “start streaming” it works for 5 seconds then crashes. Please help. btw im new to obs so please try to make it as simple as possible, ive tried to look it up but...
  13. M

    Question / Help OBS Crashes when I hit Start Recording

    I just came back to OBS (after about a year off of recording). Now when ever I hit 'Start Recording' the program crashes. I updated the program, updated all my drivers, even re-ran the setting wizard in case I was screwing up a setting, but it still crashes. Any ideas on what's going on?
  14. I

    Question / Help Stream turns off when the transition comes up

    Hello fellow guys :D yesterday i tried to make transitions in OBS and somehow managed it xD. Right now i had a Facebook Livestream and everytime when the Transition came, Facebook Live showed a message that there occured an Error and the Stream shut off. Funny OBS the stream still was turned...
  15. L

    Question / Help OBS Studio constantly crashing

    im havng problems with obs constantly crashing during streams or even starting up, here's last log and here's te crash log so i dont really know whats going on, sometimes it works fine and other times just crashes left and right.
  16. B

    Question / Help OBS Studio crashes when opening

    I recently installed OBS Studio and it was working fine. But now, whenever I launch OBS Studio, it opens with a message that "OBS has crashed!" I tried to uninstall & reinstall OBS, but I get the same results.
  17. K

    Question / Help PC Crashes When OBS Is Open. Is My CPU Dead?

    Hello, I've recently been getting back into streaming with a consistent schedule, gaining a few viewers and having a great time. Problem is, When I try to stream or even have OBS open in the background of my pc, my pc will randomly either freeze, blue screen or just crash. Ofc during blue...
  18. Bereeze

    Bug Report Nvidia Driver 417.22 causing crash

    Just letting others know Nvidia Driver 417.22 is causing crash's. Rolled back to 417.01 and everything runs smooth.
  19. K

    Question / Help Obs keeps crashes & I have no idea why

    Here's the crash log, can you help me?
  20. F

    Question / Help OBS Crashes Intermittently

    I've been using OBS for many months now but the software crashes frequently and I can't figure out why. I have numerous crash reports but here's a copy of the most recent one. Some days the software will work fine and other days it will crash multiple times repeatedly. When it crashes, OBS...