OBS Crashing


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My OBS crashed twice during my last stream and I'm not sure why. I have 3 suspects, (1) My update to Win 11. (2) installing the alpha version of the VFX plugin. (3) incompatibility of OBS29 with latest update of GPU driver.

Here's the crash report though.


  • Crash 2023-01-23 18-17-50.txt
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  • Crash 2023-01-23 19-40-01.txt
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To clarify OBS crashed while I had a browser on Window capture.

I downgraded to Win10 after struggling with Win11 22H2 for 3 months. Recommend it!

But I did not experience crashes like you had before I upgraded to OBS 29.

Most likely a plug-in issue or issue with OBS 29. Try downgrading to OBS 28.1.2?