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  1. K

    Question / Help Obs keeps crashing

    So I just installed obs and this is what I get.
  2. theclumsygeek

    Bug Report OBS 22.0.2 Crash (+ obs-browser-page.exe persisting in the background)

    Attaching log and crash files. After this crash, I reopened OBS and was able to stream fine for the next ~3 hours. Also, even after I closed OBS after my stream, I noticed that obs-browser-page.exe was still running eating up a lot of my CPU: I'm not sure if it remained open during my crash...
  3. G

    Question / Help OBS Crash after update

    My OBS Studio was working fine before update, now it won't even last 3 seconds. I have no idea what's going on or how to fix. Crash log attached.
  4. I

    Question / Help OBS crashing upon streaming/recording

    Hey, I've been having an issue for the past few weeks where my OBS is crashing whenever I start streaming or recording. Any help would be appreciated. I attached the crash log.
  5. R

    Question / Help OBS64.exe has stopped working

    I am using Win 10 OS64 Having updated to OBS Solution 21.1.2 and used it on August 1, 2018. Sometime thereafter, I downloaded VLC installer 64. I am now unable to use it again because of a "Problem". This is the popup "A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close...
  6. S

    Question / Help OBS Thread Crashed (w/ Report)

    CPU is not overclocked, memory is not overclocked. Only 3rd party program I use is Elgato Capture for 4K60 cap card. No spikes in temperature. Normally runs at 30%-50% CPU usage maximum. But will suddenly say "Encoding Overloaded" very randomly. Can work for weeks without crashes. "Unhandled...
  7. N

    Question / Help OBS crashing when started.

    I get this crash when i open OBS, this is the crash log, please tell me the problem i really need to use OBS thanx
  8. T

    Question / Help Random crashes on startup all the sudden

    Don't know what happened, I installed some VST Plugins and it wouldn't re launch. I uninstalled them and still nothing, even tried re-installing the program still nothing. Thanks in advance.
  9. F

    Question / Help OBS Crashes Whenever I Hit "Start Streaming"

    Hello, I've been experiencing this problem as of today, this morning. I tried to streaming off of slobs and that didn't work, then after a few unsuccessful tries I switched to OBS and encountered the crash notification box ("Whoops!"...etc). I looked up problems and found that others had similar...
  10. O

    Question / Help OBS crash after microphone filters

    Hello there! I was experimenting with filters (around 5 SVT 2.x Plug-In filters) for my microphone, after that OBS crashed! I have a crash log for you guys. I hope someone can help me fast out this situation because I need to livestream tonight! Thanks in advance :)!
  11. P

    Bug Report OBS Studio crashing when loading Waveshell VST plugin as audio filter on Mic

    Hey! I've been trying to get the Waves VST Plugins to work on OBS and I've encountered a consistent crash when trying to load it as a Filter. 1. Open OBS 2. Add Mic/Aux to mixer 3. Go to Filters on Mic/Aux 4. Right click > add > VST 2.x plugin 5. Select Waveshell from plugin list 6. Observe...
  12. Y

    Question / Help CRASH c0000005

    Basically i open OBS and it says "Woops, blablabla" I searched it, i found a view answers but they didnt work for me. What happened is: i updated my NVIDIA driver and now it doesnt work anymore Unhandled exception: c0000005 Date/Time: 2018-06-19, 23:15:59 Fault address: 7FFAA9FDC1F8...
  13. V

    Question / Help OBS crash with WOT

    Hi there I am very new to streaming and having a hard time trying to get this up and running. I have read many forums and post and watched youtube done the startup guides etc etc etc and still no luck then I have found a post about reading the logs and well I cant make heads or tails of what is...
  14. M

    Question / Help Crash browsersource

    Hey I have crashes when switching scenes or even when doing nothing with studio mode opened. I have different browser sources for every scene. Win7 64bit
  15. laidbackmarco

    Bug Report OBS Won't Launch at all

    Hello my name is Mauricio I Have been using OBS for over five years now with not one problem until perhaps the latest windows update, now I can't even get it to start. I don't think there is even a crash log because it doesn't even reach that part. Any help would be appreciated thanks!
  16. R

    Question / Help OBS was 64bit crashed, 32owrking only help

    I have problem with OBS after windows 10 last update This is my crash log Can some one help me:)?
  17. G

    Question / Help OBS crashed every time i launch it in Windows 10

    Hi, I am unable to launch OBS in Windows 10. I have been using it without any problem for several months. However recently when i tried to launch i have been getting the below mentioned errors. I have tried all the tricks available on the internet and have still not been able to figure out a...
  18. L

    Question / Help Drop OBS Why ?

    Hello guys i had problem with crashing obs it was cuz teperature but i bought water cool and everything was ok until now i reinstal windows and obs crashing again temperature are ok can u check the crash log and try to help me please thank you