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  1. D

    OBS randomly starts freezing, System Interrupts @90% CPU usage

    Hi everyone, I unfortunately face a very strange issue: When I have OBS running (no matter if I am streaming or if I just have it open in the Background), it sometimes "freezes" my complete PC - the mouse starts lagging, audio is crackling, I am barely able to open the task manager. The task...
  2. N

    OBS Crashed several times at day and anothers no

    I have the following configuration: I9 9900k 48GB ram DDR4 GTX 3070 I am attaching the logs and crash files for yesterday after that I could stream for 4h without problem. Could someone help to understand the error here? Thanks in advice
  3. zhuniqiAbedin

    OBS in Win10 it is freezing and then does not work anymore

    Hello OBS Support, I have a new PC. I7-11700KF with RTX 3070Suprim X. I have streamed almost 2 weeks now and never occured an error. Almost 2 days now I am facing with an error, which when I start stream then sometimes it is blocking OBS or I mean the Stream and need to restart the Stream to...
  4. D

    OBS Crashing for Seemingly No Reason

    Heyo! I was streaming this evening, and my obs kept crashing after the 40 minute mark. I have the crash logs here. Any help figuring out why this is happening would be much appreciated!
  5. Pamartz

    Crashing (but I can ignore sometimes)

    Log is here => The crash usually happens soon after launching OBS. After the crash notification window appears, sometimes, OBS closes immediately, or I can ignore it and OBS continues to function as normal (it will close on its own eventually). The...
  6. A

    Crashed all time

    Hi, first of all I apologize since I don't know English so I had to use the google translator. I have had errors in the OBS for a couple of days when I play warzone and broadcast to twciht. Se me congela el PC y el obs da un mensaje de error que no sabria decirles cual es, pero tengo los...
  7. funwithfondue

    Webcam Keeps Freezing & OBS Crashes

    I'm having this problem when I'm streaming on OBS my camera will either go black, in which case I just deactivate and activate it again and that fixes the issue, or more annoyingly my webcam will freeze and then the rest of the stream will be fine but if I try to change scene, end stream, go to...
  8. D

    OBS Closing (crashing) With No Log Within Crash Log

    My OBS keeps (randomly) crashing with no error shown at all whatsoever. It just blatantly closes. Literally happened as I was typing this. I tried to ask within the OBS Discord but they just wanted a crash report from two days ago that isn't about this issue as it has happened at least 10 times...
  9. C

    Stopping Stream while attempting to reconnect always freezes OBS

    Stopping Stream While obs is attempting to reconnect stream causes obs studio to hang, almost always freeze, and sometimes even outright crash. This also prevents mp4 output (as well as other formats) from finalizing. This does not cause obs browser to freeze however.
  10. G

    Disconnection stream

    hello, I have a problem with my stream, after a few minutes in my log this error comes out "warning: Could not update timestamps for discarded samples". this error continues every 10 seconds until the crash of the connection of twitch's servers. has it ever happened to anyone? There is a solution?
  11. Hrothgor

    Using <Python.h> function call in an cpp OBS plugin crash

    I am doing my own plugin for obs in c++. At the moment my plugin work and do some stuff, I am still learning the API. I wanted to use Python.h to call some python function. When I use Python.h outside my plugin for some test it work perfectly. Like just...
  12. R


    Hola me pide que actualice los drivers, aunque siempre estuvieron actualizados, desinstale todos los drivers con DDU en limpio en el modo seguro de windows 10 y reinstale los drivers amd pero sigue tirando ese error y después crashea adjunto el log. Ya no se que hacer no me deja utilizar la...
  13. M

    obs constantly crashing

    Hey this has been going on for a bit and its really starting to bug me but obs wont stop crashing both bloody normal obs and streamlabs they do the exact same thing the best way to describe it is that i would start a stream and maybe 6-10mins in either obs would shoot out another window saying...
  14. L

    Obs Crashing

    Hello, could any one help me to identify why Obs keeps Crashing. Crash Log
  15. Brito147

    Obs crashing after a couple of minutes of usage without streaming (with crash log)

    Hi, I have been having crashes since a couple of days now. I am preparing a livestream that is being transmitted from another country and will go to me to have a playlist of videos before starting, to have intro, gfx, lower thirds and outro. This crash is happening even when i am not streaming...
  16. P

    obs can not stream because the video it frezze and it is so slow

    Hi, I am using OBS Mac High Sierra with obs cam App on iPhone 12 and obs virtual cam for stream by zoom, but when I run the presentation the vídeo it frezze and so slow. CPU use is up to 28-30%, so I can not stream by zoom. Please I need to know if I need an special settings. Thanks
  17. M

    Sudden crash

    Good evening everyone; I'm writing this post, because I'm having crashes in obs, while I'm about to start streaming, and so you want a hand, here I pass the crash report file. I really need obs, stream elements, it really sucks me. Thanks for your help
  18. I

    When I add a browser overlay for streamelements my obs live crashes.

    When I add a browser overlay for streamelements my obs live crashes but without the overlay everything worked fine. The first time I put the overlay on it worked perfectly and I was happy and then I thought about exiting obs to see if it would still be there, it wasn't but it wasn't crashing so...
  19. Merihem_TVq

    OBS keeps crashing upon startup

    Hey everyone ! My OBS keeps crashing upon startup and I couldn't find a solution on the forum. Could someone help me figure out what is the problem and how to solve it ? Here is the crash report :
  20. C

    OBS crashed for the first time after the recent update

    Dear gurus, I have been using OBS for 4 months without any issue until my last live stream, which was done after the recent OBS update. What happened was the preview screen turns white and the whole OBS freezes. I had no choice but to force close it. The crash report however didn't capture the...