[Problem] Minecraft Java 1.16.1: OBS microphone volume becomes extremely low when running in the foreground.


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OBS microphone volume is extremely low when running MineCraft Java 1.16.1. No change in other audio.

- When MineCraft is run in the background, the OBS microphone volume is restored.
- OBS microphone volume becomes extremely low when MineCraft 1.16.1 is switched to foreground execution.
- This does not occur with the latest version of Java 1.19 and other games.

-- Windows 11 Pro 22H2 22621.1344 (x64) / AMD 5950X / RTX3090
-- OBS 29.0.2
-- Occurs without any microphone filter.

Anyone know of the same problem or its solution?

I think this may not be an OBS-specific problem, so forgive me if this question is not appropriate here.
I asked this question because I thought many people were familiar with it.
If the question is not appropriate for this forum, I would appreciate a referral to the appropriate forum.


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[[ Self resolved ]] My mistake with GHUB settings

[ Assumption ]
I am using a Logitech keyboard/mice and a Yeti microphone.
These are managed by GHUB.
And GHUB manages the settings of all the devices managed by GHUB together in the profile.

[ My Mistake ]
I created a new profile that GHUB detects the execution of Minecraft and the profile is applied automatically.
I customized my keyboard for Minecraft with that profile. But then I did not set the microphone volume. This was a mistake.

[ Solution ]
I set the microphone volume in the profile I created for Minecraft.
Then the microphone audio was output to the OBS at the expected volume without any problem.

[ Lesson ]
- When setting up in GHUB, check the settings of all devices related to the profile.
- Research well before asking questions.

Sorry for wasting your time reading this post.


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