black screen on game capture

  1. V

    OBS Black screen

    Hello. On Windows 11, there is a black screen problem when recording OBS. I tried all sorts of ways to solve the problem, but I never solved it. Who has faced a similar problem, what ways have helped you? Absolutely nothing helps me
  2. A

    OBS Video Capture turns black screen after few seconds

    I just bought a new capture card recently, EVGA XR1. When i opened OBS and added the source, it captures my PS4 for a good 3 to 5 seconds and then turns to black screen all the way. I tried Deactivating and Activating a few time. Capture came back up but gone again after 3 to 5 seconds...
  3. M

    Black Screen on both Window and Game Capture Source

    Hey guys, first of, here is my current setup: - Ryzen 5 5600X - RX 6700 XT on the current 22.4.1 AMD Adrenalin software - Standard 16GB RAM My problem is that my OBS doesn't capture my games, there is always a black screen. I've tried deinstalling and reinstalling the AMD software, I've...
  4. M

    Newer versions "Issue" with alt+tab'ing

    Hello! I'm posting almost the same post, as i had like 2 months ago. {sry for bad English.} I'm streaming a game, called osu! often, and i need to resize a window of it in OBS. [Why? - Watch the image #1 below.] And yes, i see many of you recommending me to just transform it by clicking...
  5. The_Ice

    Black screen in game capture

    When i use "game capture" i have a black screen, it's not happening with the other way of capture so i really don't know why i can't see my game I've tried with 3 differents game (LoL, Minecraft and genshin) but the screen remains black I'm using Window 10 I hope you someone can help me
  6. Nephil

    Black Screen / Game Capture don't working [A thread with every solution i found (Windows 7)]

    So, what title say. Currently i've tried a lot from 3 months to fix mine, and it's something that i never seen someone say on helping. - Compatilibity mode (Windows 7 or Windows XP Service Pack 3) - Launch as administrator - Reinstall graphic drivers - Check scenes and gamecapture - Fullscreen...
  7. N

    Black screen with game capture

    I've been trying to stream Hollow Knight and I've just been getting a black screen. I've been combing forums and support pages and google and nothing is working. If I uninstall OBS and reinstall it, there's a slight chance that the game will capture, but as soon as I quit OBS and start it up...
  8. A

    OBS Black Screen

    HI, Have been using OBS for a few years now, the last recording I made the screen was black, but I could still here the game audio is still present, but not my voice through the mic either. None of the settings have changed. I have tried setting up the game capture again, but with the same...
  9. T

    i have the laptop black screen thing and i have tried so many things to fix it

    refer to title
  10. M

    Black screen, can't help on discord

    Hello, I need your help... I'm using obs, but when I when im in, it only shows cursor on black screen. I'm trying to solve it out for 2 hours and im am out of ideas. I tried to update my graphic drivers, didn't work, also looked in FAQ section, tried "Laptop GPU Selection Windows 10" guide...
  11. GamingGuyLV

    Game capture not working (black screen/red corners all in one place)

    So the title probably explains it all, one day i was streaming fine, but when i wanted to stream a week later it didn't work, well, the streaming did, just the game capture doesn't, its just a black screen! I really don't want to use the display capture because i sometimes need to tab out of the...

    We should find the solution!!!

    So I just registered here to let everyone know that a lot of people (as I can see on this forum) has issue with game capturing. It just doesn't show at all (black screen). I tried everything already like change graphic settings to performance, I tried to run as administrator, tried to run it on...
  13. NobleSociety

    OBS Black Screen on RTX2060S.

    Hi all, I'm trying to streaming using game captures however it didn't work. Windowed capture and Display capture works fine. I tried some methods on this forum as well as YouTube videos like this one but I still get a black screen. I have a single graphic card RTX2060s on my PC. I have attached...
  14. R

    Game/Display Capture Not Working, Black Screen

    ’ve never streamed before, I’ve been trying to learn OBS. I don’t wanna do anything too crazy, just wanna stream some Among Us and Minecraft and record some videos. I’ve run into a problem that seems fairly common, however I’ve tried every fix I can find online for it and been unable to fix it...
  15. T

    Black screen issue. [OBS Ver. 26]

    Had the same black screen issue, Couldn't find out why, and I looked up the guide that talks about "Switching to integrated graphics," I cannot. I don't know how to fix it.
  16. Legend_Fabix

    OBS screen recording on CS:GO not working

    Hello gais, My Game recording is not working on CS:GO. It just black, since this trusted mode update. What can i do? btw. all game captures are working. but not on CS:GO. Thanks for helping me. (My English is bad coz i come from germany)
  17. A

    F1 game capture black screen

    Hi, I have a problem I am trying to make F1 2020 videos, but when I try to game capture f1 it is not working it is black screen, but to other games the game capture works. Any help?
  18. S

    Black Screen Game Capture

    I open cs go to record him. I have a problem,when i open cs go obs cant see this game, Obs record black screen without game. PLS HELP PS: My english is so bad,sorry guys LOG:
  19. F

    black screen on game capture