display capture

  1. B

    Question / Help Display Capture, crop filter 480x640 but output video is cropped incorrect

    I'm trying to use OBStudio to capture footage of a webgame which is exactly 480 x 640 in size. It's running in Chrome and I want to capture it as a 480 x 640 video. I tried the following: add Display Capture add filter, change margin settings so it's 480 x 640 in Settings -> Video, set "Base...
  2. N

    Question / Help Display capture not working after recording full screen game (league of legends)

    Hello guys, i am having this problem for quite a while now, i use display capture on one of my scenes and game capture on another since i use diferent overlays to stream/record, But, for some reason, after i stream/record the game ''league of legends'' with game capture , after the game ends and...
  3. M

    Question / Help OBS Not Capturing Screen

    Hello! I had tried to follow a thread already posted about how to fix this issue but it won't seem to work for me. I copied my log: https://hastebin.com/eyisusemuh Please help!
  4. M

    Question / Help Dsplay capture not working!

    when ever I add a display capture in OBS 21.1.2 on Windows 10, only this appears: Please help!
  5. K

    Question / Help Display capture black after something went fullscreen

    I started up OBS Studio and the display capture for my main monitor worked. but after i did preview mode for sony vegas (that is full screen) my main monitor does not show up anymore and i have no idea how i can fix this
  6. avrona

    Question / Help Display Capture Doesn't Work! How can I fix this?

    For some reason display capture doesn't work. Whenever I record from that source all that shows up in the final file and the preview is a black screen! However the preview in the properties tab for the display capture is perfectly fine. How do I fix this issue?