Question / Help how to hide desktop when switching from scene with display capture to different scene with automatic scene switcher?


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hi all,

this might be quite a special issue i have and i didnt find any solution to this searching.

when streaming vulkan api games (like wolfenstein) currently game capture doesnt work and we have to use display capture. i set up a separate scene solely for display capture and configured automatic scene switcher to switch to that display capture scene when detecting the wolfenstein window.
the issue is now that due to the detection delay and the cut/fade animation, when i alt-tab out of the game, for a short time my windows desktop is shown before obs automatically switches to my default scene without display capture.
i changed the transition to "cut" and the duration down to 50ms but still you obviously see a short flash of my desktop which is unelegant. i do not want to switch via shortcuts but want this to work automatically.
i already tried advanced scene switcher as a plugin but not of the options seem to address my issue.

any ideas? thanks for helping, bela


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As there is a delay between scanning the active window, there is no perfect solution to avoid this. Using a hotkey on Alt to initiate the scene switch preemptively might be a good workaround.


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ok, i reckoned as much, thanks for the reply. any news/eta on the progress of vulkan game capture? do you publish implementation progress or some kind of roadmap?