Question / Help OBS will not use Integrated driver, despite forcing it to in the control panel


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So I have been trying to get OBS set up to stream for a while now and I cannot fix this problem. I have read all of the recommended forums on how to fix this problem, and have set the program to integrated graphics, but my log files seem to indicate that OBS is continuing to choose the NVIDIA card. I've attached the most current log file and a screenshot showing the NVIDIA settings in the control panel.

I have searched all day to try to figure out why the common fixes hasn't worked for me. I have:
- Forced OBS to run in Administrator Mode
- Set OBS to run in compatibility mode
- Attempted to force OBS to use integrated graphics, however the log file doesn't seem to reflect the change.
- Uninstalled and Reinstalled OBS

I need to use Display Capture as Game Capture runs incredibly slow on my PC, and I have read that Display Capture works well in Windows 8.

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I figured out the problem, it was an outdated NVIDIA driver.

By updating my NVIDIA driver to the latest version it allowed the NVIDIA Control Panel to start playing nice with OBS, and OBS finally loaded with the selected Intel "integrated" graphics card.

Hope this helps somebody.