Rendering lag


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Expected results
You have a 10 generation old CPU trying to do computationally intensive work, and you are NOT offloading from encoding/decoding work to a GPU.. then to make matters worse, you are running a number of CPU intensive filters

14:34:45.819: [Loaded global audio device]: 'Mic/Aux'
14:34:45.819: - filter: 'Eliminación de ruido' (noise_suppress_filter_v2)
14:34:45.819: - filter: 'Extensión VST 2.x' (vst_filter)
14:34:45.819: - filter: 'Compresor' (compressor_filter)
14:34:45.819: - filter: 'Expansor' (expander_filter)
14:34:45.819: - filter: 'Limitador' (limiter_filter)

so this is not surprising
14:37:00.321: Output 'adv_stream': Number of lagged frames due to rendering lag/stalls: 524 (26.6%)

some simple real-time hardware resource monitoring is bound to show your system CPU constrained (running at 100% for extended timeframes)

better yet, with OBS not even started, try playing your game... is CPU pegged at 100% for extended periods? if yes, adjust game settings so that doesn't happen.. and CPU never peaks above 80%... then try again with OBS Studio
- don't re-scale and get rid of all the filters and try again, watching CPU utilization. be prepared to lower game settings even further (ie with OBS Studio not running such that CPU doesn't exceed 30 or 50%, leaving room for CPU real-time video encoding... I can't guestimate just how much CPU you need to avoid lagged/dropped frames.