rendering lag

  1. M

    persistent GPU encoder lag, skips, and overload with 3080 Ti and 3950x CPU

    Hi! I'm really hoping someone can help me, I've been troubleshooting something that started happening a couple months ago and still can't find an old topic that helps or quite fits. Sorry for how long this is, trying to be as thorough as I can! My PC specs are: Windows 10 Pro (21H2)...
  2. TheMad_N

    Sudden Encoding Overload

    Today I stumbled upon a very interesting message during my stream: encoding overloaded. The thing is, I have been using the same settings for months now, and havent had a single encoding issue until today. I tried several changes that I found online, but nothing seems to solve the issue. When...
  3. deadtomb

    frames dropped due to rendering lag but GPU usage is low

    I'm running a very simple scene on my slow slow macbook. The scene is basically a video play back and a camera capture placed left and right. I didn't use streaming nor recording since the scene is to be projected via HDMI. The problem is that frame dropped due to rendering lag is very high. (...
  4. M

    Keep dropping frames due to rendering lag?

    Hi all, I have recently been getting frame drops due to rendering lag periodically in a stream but is very bad if I even attempt to open or do anything on a browser. I have tried a previous version of OBS but the same still happens and I have updated my graphics drivers too, so I'm wondering if...
  5. NioZero

    Missing frames and rendering lag with barely used GPU/CPU

    Hi OBS team. I hope you can help me, because I tried a lot of things but I keep having issues. I have a dedicated capture/streaming desktop and for some reason is missing a lot frames and have rendering lag. If I reduce the resolution, the framerate or the bitrate, the results doesn't change. I...
  6. lubomir.kosper

    OBS random drops frames (Not running, CPU and GPU low performance)

    Hi guyz, I have trubble in last time but problem occured without change something in OBS (I think). Stats are showed in OBS and "FPS" drops from 60 to something between 51-56 and return back to 60. Its occured while streaming and while inactive status too (the same issue). I have good CPU...
  7. J

    Rendering Lag

    Hey guys, as of the last two days I am starting to get rendering lag on my streams. The first issue was that the stream looked jiggery but that was due to windows Game Mode so after disabling windows game mode it resolved the issue. I run the Intel - Core i9-10900K and NVIDIA RTX 2070. At that...
  8. P

    OBS/Twitch Constant disconnect/reconnect, rendering lag

    The last couple of times I have managed to find enough time to stream, the stream constantly reconnects. This started happening after I swapped games in midstream during my last stream. I streamed Helltaker with no issues, swapped to Graveyard Keeper, and started having the problem, then swapped...
  9. B

    Rendering Lag only when tabbing

    When tabbing in and out of games, GPU usage hits 100% causing significant rendering lag for about a second. This only happens while OBS is open, regardless of a stream being active or not. The strange thing it appears to be the game itself that suddenly uses 100% of the GPU. This has been an...
  10. Z

    OBS Frames drop via render delay

    Hi Guys, Despite a throttled FPS (48) and a 200mbit upload rate, 400 download rate, we repeatedly missed frames due to rendering delay in OBS Studio when streaming. We also have this problem with only one scene with only two sources (i.e. camera and game). Do you have any idea what it could be...
  11. M

    Rendering/Encoding Lag while Streaming with NVENC

    Awhile ago I posted on here about lag that I was getting when playing certain games like COD. I've accepted the fact that I will get rendering/encoding lag with a game like that, as other games didn't have that problem. For example, I can stream Overwatch and get little-to-no frame loss. But...
  12. A

    Lag/Rendering Stalls on High End Computer

    Hello! I have a (on the higher side) powerful computer. But I am experiencing rendering stalls/lags on both NVENC & x264. My specs, posted below. As well as a log file. The lag usually occurs when only the game is visible, (windowed full screen & full screen), and I have been testing on...

    Bug Report Enabling "Studio Mode" increases time-to-render-frame (and thus rendering lag) by an order of magnitude

    When not in Studio Mode (i.e. rendering a single preview), I'm seeing a time-to-render-frame of about 2.5ms, and easily maintaining 60fps with 0% frames-missed-due-to-rendering-lag. However, as soon as I tap Studio Mode, this drops aaaaaaallll the way down to ~45ms (and almost 20× increase!)...
  14. B

    Question / Help Encoding & Rendering Lag with MSI RTX 2080ti - tried everything I could find

    Hello everyone, I have been using OBS to stream to Twitch for a little over a year now and am super happy with the software. I recently built a new computer that should have enough horsepower to run games smoothly while providing a high quality stream. Here is the quick summary of my system...
  15. I

    Question / Help Frames missed due to render lag????

    i have a i9-9900k and a rtx 2060 mini 6GB. obs is installed on a nvme m.2 ssd. and all 3 monitors are at 60hz. my gpu is at 40-60 max 90% and cpu is at 40-50 max 80%. yet even when i'm not streaming it counts upward around 1-2 max 3 fps missed every time it refreshes and avg render frame is...
  16. Afiqlanz

    Question / Help how to fix 27.1% Rendering Lag and 74.2% Encoder Overload

    hello guys im afiq and i need help... when i finished record war thunder the playback lags and im using VLC player..... and i don't know how to set up a perfect recording without lag or stutter or anything :/ Log :-
  17. L

    Question / Help Recent rendering lag(x264 - Nvidia Only)

    Since Mid-May streaming with x264 is causing rendering lag but not NVENC. Only happens to the Nvidia system with GTX1080 with 8700k but not the AMD system with R9 Fury with 4770. I was able to stream without any issue. I Know & Tried : Cap FPS Latest driver Scene related Change Encoder settings...
  18. R

    Question / Help Not Recording, Yet Still Getting "Frames Missed Due to Rendering Lag"

    I have Chrome as a source. I'm looking at Stats. It says, "Frames missed due to rendering lag: 45 / 100450 (0.0%)." Status is "Inactive" for both streaming and recording. I have not recorded anything since I started OBS. The count continues to increment. Why?
  19. S

    Question / Help Getting rendering lag using NDI when recording/streaming

    Hi, I am trying to use NDI to stream my gameplay for recording/streaming to a secondary PC on my network. I am getting a shit ton of rendering lag on OBS on my gaming pc. There is no encoding lag from what i can see. This is my setup and how i connect the devices. Game PC: Motherboard...
  20. M

    Question / Help OBS Encoding Rendering lag issue on a 2080TI (NVENC)

    Hi All, I have issues with streaming using OBS. I have tried multiple combination of settings the internet advised with no luck, youtube , name it. I have attached a log file for your review Please help. Thanks