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Hey guys, as of the last two days I am starting to get rendering lag on my streams. The first issue was that the stream looked jiggery but that was due to windows Game Mode so after disabling windows game mode it resolved the issue. I run the Intel - Core i9-10900K and NVIDIA RTX 2070. At that moment can't upgrade to the 3080 or 3090 because of supply as many of you may know.

Now, I stream from the same PC run my video games at the lowest settings. I have capped my frames, I am running the game in 1080p instead of 2k. I have switched to performance in OBS, I have lowered the stream to 720p and the frames to 30fps in OBS but the issue continues where I am getting insane amounts of rendering lag. What bothers me the most is that the GPU while running the game it never goes above 70% GPU which means that the OBS still has space in there to work with and even while running OBS in ADMIN (always do) it's like OBS is not using the GPU at all. Could it be an issue with GPU?

I have uninstalled and installed OBS several times already, I have removed unnecessary sources and even then at times it gets worse then it was initially. I don't know what this contributes to. Any help is greatly appreciated!

My log file is attached



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Issue resolved: Removed Window Capture and changed it to GAME CAPTURE. I had used window capture without issue for the longest time but either way I am glad its resolved. I am running everything at max (IN OBS) 1080p with 60FPS and its running smoothly again.

Hopefully this helps someone


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Additionally, it's advised to disable the Psychovisual Tuning option in the encoding settings. Having that, Lookahead, or the Max Quality preset in-use can cause rendering lag with NVENC. It's advised to make sure that PVT and LA are disabled, and to use the Quality preset.

You also have multiple Display Capture sources. Display Captures should be avoided at all costs; just having them in a scene with a Window or Game Capture can cause intermittent major issues, such as rendering delay. DC is also the worst-performing capture method.
If you absolutely have to use one, make sure it is in its own Scene, with NO Game or Window Captures (including in any nested scenes).

Worse, both of the Display Captures are trying to capture the same monitor ("PC Desktop" and "PC CAPTURE"). Delete one of them, and use 'add existing' instead. DCs can conflict with each other as well, and cause rendering delays and other issues. Even if they are in separate scenes, OBS initializes all captures at runtime.