Record Video Capture and Display Capture Separately?


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I'm wondering if there is a way to record my Video Capture and Display Capture separately. For example, I want to record my screen in 4k (3848x2160) while at the same time recording my display capture i.e. webcam with the same dimensions. That way when I input the file into a video editor such as Davinci Resolve, I'd have a Full HD screen recording and I could just shrink down the webcam/display recording to whatever size I want.

Note: I tried doing this by setting the resolution in OBS to 7680x4320, but when I try to record it fails to do so stating that the frame dimension is greater than the maximum supported.

And help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!


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You don't need to duplicate both dimensions. People did this by arranging two videos vertically, i. e. 3840x4320, however 4320 is still too big (nvenc h.264 only supports 4096). Either reduce one of the two images, for example the webcam to 2560x1440, then doubling becomes 3840x(2160+1440) = 3840x3580. Or use a plugin such as source record, which is able to record sources separately. Or use a different hardware encoder. Nvenc hevc or av1 (available with rtx 4xxx GPUs) for example support 8192x8192.