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OBS Lua showhtk 0.1.0


A simple OBS script to show pressed common hotkey form (e.g. Ctrl+C, Alt+V) in screen.


1. Download the showhtk.lua and save to any folder you like.
2. In OBS, create a new text source, and design it, because showhtk.lua doesn't design text source.
3. Go to Tools menu > Scripts. Click the plus button to add the script.
4. At the right side of the window are the Description and 2 Properties: Duration (seconds) and Text Source. Modify the duration as you wish and load the text source you just created.
5. Click Close, and try pressing some hotkeys now!

Supported hotkeys so far
Here are the base keys:
Escape, F1-F12, Delete, Return, 0-9, A-Z, Tilde, Minus, Equals, Backspace, Tab, Left Bracket, Right Bracket, Backslash, Semicolon, Apostrophe, Comma, Period, Slash, Space
Supported hotkey forms:
* Escape, F1-F12, Delete, Return (Return is shown as Enter in Windows.)
* Shift+Escape, Shift+F1-F12, Shift+Delete, Shift+Return
* Ctrl+<base key>
* Ctrl+Shift+<base key>
* Ctrl+Alt+<base key>
* Ctrl+Alt+Shift+<base key>
* Alt+<base key>
* Alt+Shift+<base key>
* Cmd+<base key> (Cmd is Win key in Windows.)
* Cmd+Shift+<base key>

Just make an issue if anyone wants more hotkeys :D. Note that I will not implement "incomplete" hotkeys like Ctrl only, Alt only, etc. because I found out that those keys alone, in some sense, "compete in being shown" with themselves and the hotkey forms above.

Where I got this idea and code inspiration?
* Thanks to upgradeQ here:
* Their script:
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