1. K

    Smart Selection for OBS

    So a little context, I'm a huge fan of Vargskelethor. I wanted to try out streaming because of his streams but I wanted to use the same feature he does for putting memes onto the streams. This feature is "Smart Selection", basically you turn it on using the program window and snip part of your...
  2. GrumpyDog

    OBS Lua Snip - Now Playing - Spotify & iTunes 0.1

    This Script allows you to impliment the Now Playing Widget using Snip, but instead of using a browser source such as this awesome widget by ZyphenVisuals it instead uses OBS Sources. This LUA script uses a Scene named 'Snip' containing several Sources that can be nested as a single Source in...
  3. Z

    Free Zyphen's Now Playing overlay 2.1

    This is a quick Now Playing overlay I created, inspired by the awesome widget created by Aiden Wallis. Video demo available here. Video tutorial available here. GitHub repo available here. JPN installation guide available here. (thanks to Why use this? If you ever tried...
  4. G

    Question / Help OBS/Snip/Scrolling Text

    Hello All! Is there a way to configure snip to where a short song title comes up (from spotify) no scrolling happens but when a long song title comes up it begins to scroll within the box I've created? I've been searching all over for an answer to this but haven't found anything yet. The first...
  5. A

    Question / Help VLC Source

    Hello , I have started using VLC Source , and I usually use Snip to display the music from VLC . Now that I have started the VLC Source , Snip do not detect name of the music playing . Any solution for that ? Thanks in advance !