Source Copy

Source Copy 0.1.3

First release
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4.84 star(s) 19 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Version 0.1.3

    fix duplicate source names fix nested scenes and groups
  2. Version 0.1.2

    fix crash pasting or loading a filter
  3. Version 0.1.0

    Add options to save and load json files

Latest reviews

Worked perfectly and just saved me hours of work. Thank you!
Wow! Merci beaucoup pour ton travail. J'adore ce plugins.
Exactly what I needed to move between two scene collections and also good for backing up individual scenes without having to copy all of them. I often wonder how people become gods but you have achieved it through your programming skills. I was spending ages trying to move between collections and it was becoming a massive mess. This did all of it in about 5 minutes and gave me some extra functionality i didnt expect. Thanks to Andilippi on YouTube for pointing me in this direction, and for all the other cool plugs.
Good plugin, but the it only supports referencing scenes, rather than actually duplicating them, which severely limits its utility.
Can you send me how you expect duplicating to work?
This makes it so easy to copy my audio filters from one scene collection/profile to another, or export everything to start OBS clean! I had been having issues (I guess my 4gb GPU can't handle everything I throw at it) with Gpu encoding overload lately, and this helps me to clean up a bit better all of my scenes and sources, and minimize things and assess what could have been the problem! Thanks! <3
I downloaded it thanks to that YouTube video review of it and got it working in 1 minute, no lie! I copied a scene in OBS from one collection to another with 0 problems. Fantastic work!
This is exactly what I was looking for. I think this plugin should be native in OBS.

I had to compile because I don't have same version of libQt5Core in my system, but it was no problem for me.
The copy paste transformation hotkeys alone makes this plugin worth it.
Another day, another desperately needed feature added by Exeldro himself. OBS would look so different without you.
This saves me so much time. ♥
First thing I install after a fresh OBS install (and tell my friends to install) is THIS plugin. a Must have feature OBS been lacking for so long. THANK YOU Exeldro for puttin in the time to make this!