Source Copy

Source Copy 0.2.2

First release
Last update
4.68 star(s) 34 ratings

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  • Move transition
    Move transition
    Moves sources and setting values
  • Source Dock
    Source Dock
    Plugin for OBS Studio to add a dock for a source
  • 3D Effect
    3D Effect
    3D effect filter for sources in OBS
  • Source Clone
    Source Clone
    Add source to OBS that lets you clone sources to allow different filters than the original
  • Source Record
    Source Record
    Record a source using a filter

Latest updates

  1. Version 0.2.2

    Try fix file paths in the loaded file. This helps when you want to copy resources to an other...
  2. Version 0.2.1

    add options to copy script settings OBS version 28 support
  3. Version 0.1.4

    add save and load transform make copy and paste transform only work when OBS has the focus

Latest reviews

What a excellent plug-in! This will save me hours and hours of time over the coming years.
I think this plugin this version is very good but could be improved good functions exeldro I love your creativity
Exeldro, Every thing you do just seems to be over the top awesome! Thank You so much for all the time you put into it. Especially when you put your software into a .dmg file for Macs. I am not a programmer and have had frustrations with other software installs. YOU ROCK!
this plugin helped me to copy an OBS scripts and copy scenes excellent exeldro
Very useful tool, especially for those who work with multiple profiles and scene collections.
Thanks for the tool. Works great! No issues finding it under the tools menu.
same here, it's not showing on toolbar anymore
version 0.2.1 is OBS 28 only for older OBS use version 0.1.4
Extremely helpful. I wouldn't have the patience to set up new scene collections without this tool. Excellent job my dude.
I can't manage to make this plugin show in my obs.
I've installed it in the correct folder. I'm using the x64 version.
I've even tried the installer in case I was dumb and couldn't manage to click the right folder and it still doesn.t show in the tools menu.
Am I doing something wrong or is it a bug?
version 0.21 is OBS 28 only for older OBS use version 0.1.4
This plugin is extremely useful for to duplicate resources and to save a lot of hours of work. Also the possibility of to export scenes and its configurations is something very useful too.

Thanks a lot @exeldro for this another great job from you that I have used a lot in the process of building the scenes and sources for my 'Streams'.

NOTE: You are credited as 'Plug-ins Creator' at the credits of my 'Streams' at the end of them. ;)