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  1. Version 0.1.0

    Add options to save and load json files

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First thing I install after a fresh OBS install (and tell my friends to install) is THIS plugin. a Must have feature OBS been lacking for so long. THANK YOU Exeldro for puttin in the time to make this!
This is something I have needed in OBS for a long time now. Thank you for the great plug in!!!!
Another really nice plugin!! Works like a charm.
Works perfect! Thank you so much... Made my life so much easier! YOU ARE THE BEST!!!
Thank you for creating this plugin, this is a major missing feature in OBS Studio.
I cannot believe my luck. I just randomly one day decide to check out what's new and landed on this plugin that I have so desperately needed since I migrated a portion of my business to online streaming.

Works like a dream! Seriously thank you for this - you have saved me literally hours of work a day.
Super easy to install and it runs great! You are an unsung hero for many of us little streamers. Without an undo button this is saves me some much time. As a dad I don't have much time to spare. Thank you again.
Fantastic Plugin! Saves so much time when working with multiple Scene Collections. The only other alternative was manually editing .json files which was a PIA!
This was so needed!!! Great job on this one mate!
Now its easy to copy complicate scene between scene collection