Spotify maxes at -20db?


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Recently went through and updated and reconfigured everything and found that while using Application Audio Capture, Spotify seems to only be captured up to -20db, despite being at full volume in windows/in the app itself etc. I can hear it at the expected volume through my headset, but recording/streaming, the volume of audio maxes out at that -20db setting.

Here is a picture of the metering for my Mic and Spotify as I sung along to what I was listening to. Via my headphones, both are even and level, but they aren't level when captured by OBS. Picture shows visual metering and sound levels on recorded/streamed output match that.


Any ideas of how to get spotify's audio up to where it should be in OBS?

log File:


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Update - Installed Win-Capture-Audio - that does the same thing (but has a few extra bells and whistles anyway, so I'll stick with that).

Desktop Audio meter tickles red on the meter when listening to spotify (similar to what the "mic" meter is doing in the picture above), so I'm confident it's not a windows issue (otherwise, desktop audio would suffer the same problem).

In the interim, I've applied a bunch of filters to boost it up to be in line with its output to match up with desktop audio and that's a workaround, but ideally, I shouldn't need to add extra processing to an audio signal that's already at a certain volume as it's changing the sound source and it's using more resources to process it when it shouldn't need to do either (and worked perfectly fine a few months ago when I last regularly used OBS).

Still interested in a proper fix/solution to this rather than utilising a workaround.


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"In the interim, I've applied a bunch of filters to boost it up"

All you should need is the Gain filter....
Adding Gain to an audio signal does more than increase volume - required a combination of gain, enhancer and limiter to boost the signal without colouring/adding distortion to the signal.

Regardless, the point is that it never used to need to have filters to have it play on stream/recording and be at parity with what I hear and I'd be pretty happy to find out why this is happening and how it could be rectified so I don't need to use filters at all