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    Desktop audio is extremely low and audio monitoring doesn't work

    I'm entirely new to OBS and I'm testing the settings with videos. I've set it to optimise for recording, not streaming. I'm on Windows 10 and have turned off audio ducking, stopped applications from taking control and messed with the decibel meter in the mixer. I can turn the decibels up but...
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    Question / Help How can I increase my volume in OBS without clipping?

    So recently, I've noticed that when I record a video in OBS and move it to Premiere Pro, it's very quiet. I understand I could just increase the volume (in either program), but by doing so the audio distorts, peaks, clips etc. Is there a way I can increase the volume in OBS without distorting...
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    Question / Help Mixer lowers volume output of individual sources

    https://obsproject.com/logs/TDZfreyqnt-R990g http://bds.zapto.org/obs/2018-12-19%2018-48-56.mkv (used audacity to generate a tone at 220Hz for better accuracy and just said a few words to test) Here are the audio channels that matter: channel 1: all audio (desktop + mic) channel 3 (mic only)...
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    Bug Report OBS Records at the volume you have on windows

    So windows volume goes from 0/100 volume 100 is normal to be recorded but not to listen. so for example if i were to record my iphone screen it will record at full volume so if someone else watches it they can listen to it at normal volume. obs doesnt do that. it records at the volume you have...