Question / Help How can I increase my volume in OBS without clipping?

So recently, I've noticed that when I record a video in OBS and move it to Premiere Pro, it's very quiet. I understand I could just increase the volume (in either program), but by doing so the audio distorts, peaks, clips etc.
Is there a way I can increase the volume in OBS without distorting it or making it peak, or is this a problem best solved in Premiere Pro? If that's the case then I'm not sure how to fix this when streaming, but focusing on recording for now, what's the best way to solve this?


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To deal with the dynamics and different levels, you have compressor, expander and limiter filter. A compressor shrinks the dynamic range and creates a consistent level. It is very useful for voice commentary, especially if the speaker isn't used to speak with a consistent level throughout the whole commentary. A Limiter, set at the end of the filter chain, prevents clipping over 0 dB.
A more thorough explanation of these audio filters, see here:
Usually, such filters are present in about every audio processing software. If you postprocess your video, it's probably best if you let OBS just record, audio silent enough to get no clipping, and do all postprocessing in the postprocessing software only.
The previous content is your answer. If you have Adobe Audition, you can play around with some of these same kinds of filters to get a feeling for how these can help. OBS has some great audio filtering options! Kudos to the devs on that.